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Santorini news

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World Congress of Greek Gastronomy

Jun 08, 2008 — Jun 10, 2008 • Cyclades, Santorini
Organized by Greek Exports Organization at Crete, Iraklio and Santorini, the 2nd World Congress of Greek Gastronomy and Partenariat of the Food Industry, Spirits, Beverages
Posted on Jun 06, 2007 Category: Events

The bright spot

• Cyclades, Santorini
The shortcomings in terms of provisions provided by the tourism industry and their negative impact on attracting tourists to the island has been mostly offset by the breathtaking beauty of Santorini itself, as proved by a study.
Posted on May 05, 2007 Category: News

Two missing after cruise ship sinks in Santorini

• Cyclades, Santorini
What was initially thought to have been a successful evacuation effort, was found to be unsuccessful as two French passengers have been reported missing off of Sea Diamond on Friday.
Posted on Apr 06, 2007 Category: News

Honored in International Wine Competition

Mar 05, 2007 — Mar 07, 2007 • Cyclades, Santorini
The 7th Thessaloniki International wine competition, held in Thessaloniki from the 5th of March till the 7th of March, 2007 saw many Santorini wines
Posted on Mar 21, 2007 Category: Events

A culture shaped by natural disasters

• Cyclades, Santorini
Contrary to what opinion one might hold of ancient civilizations, one branch of the Aegean was well equipped to fight natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Posted on Jan 16, 2007 Category: News

Santorini bags three tourism awards

Nov 16, 2006 — Nov 19, 2006 • Cyclades, Santorini
The Cyclades group of islands won top honors at the 2006 Philoxenia Tourism Awards, with the Island of Santorini leading the pack with three honors.
Posted on Nov 28, 2006 Category: Events

Traditional Weaving Mill

• Cyclades, Santorini
Oia has always been revered for bringing the traditional Greek weaving mill into the 21st century. Having been home and representative to the weaving technique for 22 years the past four years have also elicited support from the Communal Development Office of Oia.
Posted on Sep 10, 2006 Category: News

16th European Meeting of Paleopathology Association

Aug 28, 2006 — Sep 01, 2006 • Cyclades, Santorini
The island of Santorini was the lovely backdrop for the 16th European Meeting of the Paleopathology Association held from August 28th to September 1st, 2006.
Posted on Sep 03, 2006 Category: Events

9th Conference on Technology Policy & Innovation

Jun 18, 2006 — Jun 21, 2006 • Cyclades, Santorini
From Sunday, 18th of June to Wednesday, 21st of June 2006 the island of Santorini will host the 9th International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation (ICTPI).
Posted on Jun 16, 2006 Category: Events

Scientists probe the most famous volcanic eruption

• Cyclades, Santorini
Some new data has been discovered about the explosion on Santorini, in the 17th century, which had resulted in a tsunami, which is said to have wiped out the Minoan civilization.
Posted on May 17, 2006 Category: News

Discovery of an ancient press in Akrotiri

• Cyclades, Santorini
Analysis of findings dating back to 17 B.C. has revealed that viticulture was a well established institution on Akrotiri in the ancient times.
Posted on May 13, 2006 Category: News

Ancient people also enjoyed Santorini wine

• Cyclades, Santorini
Professor of archaeology and head of the Akrotiri excavations, Christos Doumas while talking about the island's viticulture and wine production remarked about the presence of these practices in bygone eras.
Posted on May 13, 2006 Category: News

Tourism could destroy tradition and environment

• Cyclades, Santorini
A puzzling fact is that during the Bronze Age, the delectable wine of Thera was produced only for export.
Posted on May 13, 2006 Category: News

Radiocarbon Studies Push Back Date of Thera Eruption

• Cyclades, Santorini
Said to have occurred 3,500 years ago, the volcanic eruption had caused ash to settle in faraway places like China, western North America and Greenland.
Posted on Apr 28, 2006 Category: News

How Minoans were wiped out

• Cyclades, Santorini
The end of one of the greatest Mediterranean civilization, the Minoans, seems to have been discovered from a miniscule olive branch.
Posted on Apr 28, 2006 Category: News

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