Holiday in Santorini

Discover how to optimize your holiday in Santorini!

For years now, Santorini is the top preference for millions of people from all over the world. Tourism is well-developed; in fact, Santorini is the number one destination among the Greek islands. The southernmost island in the Aegean Sea is an archipelago of small islands formed by an enormous volcanic explosion that broke up the Minoan settlement of Thira into fragments, resulting in the magnificent natural formation of a volcanic caldera. Discover the island with our Travel guide.

World-famous for its sunken volcanic caldera and its stupendous sunsets over the Aegean Sea, Santorini offers elegance and upscale facilities to its visitors every year. As an island where every angle is photogenic and offers intriguing vistas, it is no wonder why thousands of tourists capture their most cherished and Instagram-worthy moments there at least once.

With so much to unravel and since your convenience and time matter to us, we created a brief and spot-on holiday guide of Santorini. Including every essential service and noteworthy activity available on the island, you may easily plan your itinerary.
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Organize your holiday

How to organize your holiday in Santorini? Find all your answers below:
Step 1: Arriving at Santorini; book a convenient route for you
Step 2: Accommodation; booking your ideal lodging
Step 3: Car Rental; discover the island at your own pace
Step 4: Exploring the island’s Beauty; natural, folklore, and historical approaches
Step 5: Activities & Tours; elevating your Greek vacation
Step 6: Dining; from traditional taverns to Michelin-awarded restaurants


Ferry travel to Santorini

Arriving at Santorini; booking a convenient route for you

When planning gets perplexing, starting with the standard traveling procedures is optimal.
As the top Greek destination, Santorini features an international airport and a busy port.

By plane: If you prefer to start your holiday once you arrive at the chosen destination, a direct flight is a go-to option. Hosting direct flights from main European cities like Paris, London, Amsterdam, and more, it is the most comfortable way of traveling across the continent for your planned vacation.
In case of no direct flights available near you, you can take a flight to Athens, and then either take a domestic one afterward or a ferry ride.

By ferry: The Athinios port has been characterized as among the busiest in Greece due to its small size and numerous ferry routes arriving and departing daily, especially during the summer season. Numerous ferry routes and types of vessels from the Athenian ports (Piraeus, Rafina) serve the island. Check the Athens Santorini ferry route.
Additionally, ferry routes between Santorini and other islands of the Aegean archipelago are well-established, with daily or bidaily routes during summertime. Conveniently, the majority of ferry vessels offer passenger cabins and garage options. As a result, island hopping from and to this island is comfortable and enjoyable.

Book your ferry tickets through our Awarded Ferry Service and Skyscanner for flights and make the most out of your holidays!


Hotel with pool and view over the volcano

Accommodation; booking your ideal lodging

Santorini is well-known for its upscale and luxurious resorts and hotels; from infinity pools to unbeatable vistas and excellent amenities, you will definitely experience the pampering you deserve. Despite its most caldera-oriented settlements and their posh character, the less crowded sides and villages offer lovely accommodation options on a more budget-friendly level.

With 200+ options in splendid lodgings, you can visit our top-rated accommodation options and book your stay stress-free.


Luxury car for rental

Car Hire; discover Santorini at your own pace

On an island where transportation is limited, renting a vehicle is essential to visit every location you want. In Santorini, renting a car or a quad bike are both great options due to the narrow and sometimes steep roads. Quite a few island routes are dirt roads, so a safe vehicle is convenient and reliable. You will be able to visit the intriguing volcanic seashores, the picturesque villages, and the unique capes, all at your own pace and privacy.

Book your car rental with us and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.


Visiting the active volcano with views over the villages of the caldera

Exploring Santorini’s Beauty; Natural, Folklore and Historic Approaches

The beauty of Santorini is one of a kind and justifiably so. With its rich volcanic-shaped shores and soil, it has hosted ancient and modern Greek civilizations alike, each contributing to the heritage of this now crescent-shaped island. From Minoan remains to centuries-old folklore traditions and Cycladic attributes, there is a lot to acquaint oneself with other than the main attractions.

At Greeka, we value the convenience and total satisfaction of our customers; for that reason, we provide you with clear-cut categories of the aspects you should not miss. All of the top things to do during your summer vacation are listed in detail for your reading pleasure.

Furthermore, we invite you to walk through the picturesque, whitewashed villages and capture photos with quaint stone-paved alleys as your background.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history, unique volcanic islets and seashores, as well as emerald waters with the best sightseeing locations, all gathered in a detailed listing. When you feel the urge to dive into the pristine Aegean waters, make sure to visit the finest beaches with your travel mates for some unwinding and natural tanning.


Boat tour to the Volcano

Available Tours & Activities; elevating your Greek vacation

Several visitors only stay for a couple of days in Santorini, limiting their vacation goals to capturing the praised sunset over the caldera and diving into an infinity pool. While those are some of the core activities on the island, dozens of sophisticated and adrenaline-oriented activities and excursions are available. From island hopping tours and single-day cruises around the volcanic seashores to historic excursions at well-maintained museums and archaeological sites, there are plenty of ways to familiarize oneself with the Cycladic queen.

Moreover, plenty of sports like jet skiing, parasailing, and flyboarding can spike your energy levels and elevate your vacation. On the other hand, more naturalistic approaches like horseback riding on the volcanic shores or electric mountain bike tours create a deeper connection to the land.

With many more cosmopolitan and flavorful activities available, we invite you to take a more detailed look at all of our day tours & cruises.


Lunch with a volcano views

Dining; from traditional taverns to Michelin-awarded restaurants

Santorini has it all; affordable Greek taverns, delicious seafood establishments, and high-class restaurants with their own culinary identities. The gastronomic scene is distinguished and palatable, creating one of the most enjoyable dimensions of your vacation. Everyone may not be interested in learning all there is to know when on vacation, but surely everyone savors a good dining experience. We invite you to indulge in the top restaurants and decide where to dine during summertime.

Book your tickets, pack your favorite summer gear and get ready for your upcoming unforgettable holiday this summer!

General info

A giant central lagoon created by the caldera is surrounded by high cliffs that slope downwards into the Aegean Sea, while on the fourth side, there is a small island called Thirassia. The deep waters of the lagoon make it a safe harbor for shipping vessels, both big and small, and the best part is that all harbors lay in the lagoon.

Fira is the capital town of the main volcanic island. A combination of Venetian and Cycladic architecture, with white cobblestone streets clinging to the rim of the caldera and bustling with shops, taverns, restaurants, and cafes at nearly nine hundred feet above the port, Fira is a beautiful place to begin your Santorini vacation. If you arrive via cruise ship, you can reach Fira by a cable car from the port or take a mule ride up the few hundred zigzagging steps. This town offers plenty of accommodation options.

Another must-see place during your Santorini vacation is the village of Oia. Located just above Fira, at the highest point of the island, Oia is a quintessential Santorinian town with its whitewashed walls carved into the rim of the caldera and its bright blue domes rising against the backdrop of some of the most stunning sunsets in the world.

No holiday is complete without enjoying one of the famous sunsets at Oia. At dusk, the town gets pretty crowded with people who come to watch the sun go down into the sea. In other settlements, the sunset is partially hidden by the caldera, so do not miss the sunset in Oia for anything in the world! While on your Santorini vacation, do not miss out on the areas outside the towns. The countryside is quaint and beautiful, and you can catch a glimpse of traditional island life, as well as cave houses, small chapels and monasteries, vineyards, and wineries, which are a true reflection of the island culture and life.

Your vacations can include yacht tours, cruises, and boat trips around the beautiful island. There are all kinds of excursions on offer, including some unique boating experiences. For instance, you can take a boat trip to the volcano, sail to Oia to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset, or board the glass bottom boat that lets you explore the underwater rock shelf in its splendor. You can also charter a yacht and sail to the Cyclades Islands or take a luxury liner around the Greek islands. Some deluxe VIP yachting packages combine Weddings On Board and accommodation at a luxury hotel in Santorini.

Your vacations can also be perfect for pursuing adventure sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. The island boasts many diving shops, and prices include the cost of equipment rental, transport, and a light lunch in most cases. Deals are usually offered when a direct booking is made through the diving shop.
Santorini offers some of the most scenic diving experiences of underwater caves, caverns, and reefs, and the visibility is simply unparalleled. The diving trip also includes spectacular views of a wreck site near the volcano. Environmental protection is high on the list of priorities of the dive shops; they also work on a quay-sharing program.

Santorini also has engaging sights. Akrotiri, in the south, has well-preserved remains of a Minoan town dating back to 3,500 years. One can admire the ruins of ancient streets, buildings, stairways, Minoan frescoes, and pottery protected by a special roofing system. The Museum of Prehistoric Thira and the Archaeological Museum, both located at Fira, are also must-sees on your vacation.

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