Santorini Easter

Easter on the island of Santorini: Easter is an important celebration all over Greece but in Santorini traditional customs revive that period, making Easter even more popular. Preparations for Easter include white-washing the houses and yards, decorating the churches with flowers and cooking various delicacies. In particular, women bake tsourekia (brioches), and 'melitinia', the traditional Easter pastry of Santorini.

In Megalochori, the locals organize a great feast on the Saturday of Lazarus at the central square. Locals set up a huge cross, about 12m high which decorates with flowers.
Of major interest is the Holy Week in Oia, where various services are held at the picturesque church of Panagia Platsani.

In all villages of the island, there is a procession of the epitaph on Holy Friday. The epitaph is decorated with flowers and makes the round of the village. In Pyrgos, small cans with lights are set along the streets where the epitaph passes. In Fira, the two epitaphs meet in the central square. The beautifully preserved white streets are packed with locals holding lighted candles.

On Holy Sunday, people go to the church at midnight to get to Holy Light. That time, many fireworks explode in the sky giving the happy message of the Resurrection of Christ.

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