Santorini Candouni Restaurant in Oia

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Location: Oia

Located in Oia, Candouni Restaurant offers a classic dining experience with an ambiance that reflects a modern and subtle style, while still managing to blend in some of the aura of the old days.

About 170 years ago, the house which hosts Candouni today was a captain's home, whose high walls protected the women and children from plundering pirates, when the captain was away at sea. Interestingly, it is said that the maze of streets often confused pirates and the women poured hot oil on them under the cover of the high walls. Hundred-year-old photographs and metal ornaments still adorn the walls of the restaurant, reflecting the period decoration which is complemented by subdued lighting and candlelight, accompanied by soft music. The color scheme in Candouni is white and red. It is also said that before the captain’s house was refurbished into the restaurant, the house was used as the first pharmacy in Santorini.

The menu comprises a fusion of various cuisines that covers an entire range of tastes from Thai to Spanish and Italian and emphasizes the Santorinian love of good food and wine. While most of the cuisines retain their original flavor and form, some have been subtly adapted to the island taste and preparation method. The dessert list includes such classic creations as the walnut cake as well as other equally delectable fares that have been handed down through generations in family restaurants, which have preserved the tradition of Greek food.

The wine cellar of Candouni boasts a fine selection of Santorinian wines that are known for their distinctive taste and body, created by the unique soil of the volcanic ecosystem. The restaurant is just a two-minute walk from the bus station and taxi stop and just a short walk away from practically any hotel in Oia.

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