Santorini Luxury Hotels

Santorini is probably the most famous luxury destination in Greece, with countless 5-star hotels that offer top quality facilities and services. At the same time, it is considered one of the world’s top romantic destinations, especially for honeymooners. No matter whether you are planning a trip there with your partner, family or friends, it is totally worth spending a few extra bucks to ensure the best Caldera and sunset views, accompanied by high-end amenities, such as private swimming pools and outdoor jacuzzis. Most travellers visiting the island spend much time at their hotel room of choice, since this is the best way to enjoy the view with privacy, while avoiding the crowded public view points. Note that if you want to visit Santorini during the high season, it is necessary to book 6-8 months in advance for better rates and room availability.

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Discover some of the best luxury hotels in Santorini with us:

Grace Hotel

1. Grace Hotel

Imerovigli - 5 Stars

Ensuring some of the most impressive views of the sea and the whitewashed caldera houses, Grace Hotel has been specifically designed to offer an unforgettable experience of Cycladic luxury in Imerovigli. All the suites have a modern interior design and they have been carefully decorated with attention to detail, while at the same time, providing luxurious features: you will discover built-in plunge pools, hot tubs and more. Champagne breakfast is available every day and the hotel’s Mediterranean restaurant combines fine dining and sea views.
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Katikies Chromata

2. Katikies Chromata

Imerovigli - 5 Stars

Katoikies Chromata is a collection of luxury cave suites in Imerovigli with an impressive style of architecture and breathtaking views of the volcanic landscape. Overlooking the sea, each cozy suite has a cave-style bedroom with a cozy atmosphere and luxurious features that guarantee the best experience, including but not limited to indoor or outdoor hot tubs, jacuzzis or pools for every suite. In addition, the hotel offers a variety of personalized services so that you can have everything you need for a perfect holiday experience.
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Cavo Tagoo

3. Cavo Tagoo

Imerovigli - 5 Stars

Featuring an infinity pool with luxury sunbeds and some of the best sea and sunset views in Imerovigli, Cavo Tagoo offers double suites with a modern interior design and all comforts. In each one of them, you will find special additions, such as private swimming pools or outdoor jacuzzis, so that you can gaze at the caldera while relaxing at your terrace. Cavo Tagoo also provides an a la carte restaurant where you can try amazing Mediterranean delicacies and breakfast, always accompanied by breathtaking views.
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Canaves Oia suites & Spa

4. Canaves Oia suites & Spa

Oia - 5 Stars

Located in Oia and overlooking the Aegean Sea, Canaves Oia Suites & Spa guarantees an amazing experience of luxurious accommodation. Featuring private plunge pools, luxury bath amenities and an all-white interior design, the suites offered by Canaves Oia have been carefully designed to provide the best experience of accommodation possible, in a modernized Cycladic setting. In addition to the suites, the building complex also offers a few luxury villas to accommodate larger groups comfortably.
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Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel

5. Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel

Oia - 5 Stars

Book your accommodation in Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel for a deluxe vacation in Oia! The hotel offers cave-style suites with vaulted ceilings that have been equipped with elegant antique furniture pieces and modern amenities. Their beautiful interior is accompanied by additional luxury features such as outdoor hot tubs, cave-style plunge pools and more. At the hotel, you will also find a bar for sophisticated cocktails with magical sea views, a fine dining restaurant and a wine cellar.
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Aspaki by Art Maisons

6. Aspaki by Art Maisons

Oia - 5 Stars

Aspaki by Art Maisons offers double suites for guests who wish to experience a luxurious stay in Oia. All the suites ensure magical views of the Aegean Sea and the picturesque houses of Santorini caldera. Their interior design is minimal, yet elegant and stylish, with an authentic Cycladic atmosphere and a typical cave-house architecture. The additional luxurious features offered include private hot-tubs with a view and impressive cave-style plunge pools. There is a variety of uniquely designed suites to choose from!
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Andronis Boutique Hotel

7. Andronis Boutique Hotel

Oia - 5 Stars

The five-star Andronis Boutique Hotel offers accommodation on the edge of Oia’s cliffs for the most breathtaking sea views. The hotel’s suites have an amazing design, inspired by the colors of Santorini’s volcanic background and the traditional architecture of the local cave-houses. Cave-style bathrooms, private hot tubs and plunge pools, arched ceilings and terraces with volcano views are all combined to create an unforgettable setting for your accommodation in Santorini. Gourmet dining facilities and a selection of fine wines are also offered.
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Andronis Arcadia Hotel

8. Andronis Arcadia Hotel

Oia - 5 Stars

Blending perfectly into the Cycladic landscape of Oia, Andronis Arcadia Hotel offers spacious villas and suites with a modern interior design, decorated in earthy colors and full of luxurious amenities. The villas come with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and many of them offer swimming pools for deluxe relaxation with privacy. Delicious breakfast is served every day and there is a restaurant at the hotel as well. Personalized services and spa treatments are offered.
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Jet Ski expeditions

Jet Ski to the Volcano & Hidden Beaches

One of the most popular activities on Santorini is jet ski expeditions to the Volcano. Explore an active volcano, visit its hot springs and approach secluded lava-sand beaches on your own jet ski. The absolute must-do tour in Santorini!

Book the Tour

Andronis Luxury Suites

9. Andronis Luxury Suites

Oia - 5 Stars

Pegasus Suites and Spa is a collection of cave houses in Oia that have been designed to offer luxurious accommodation with all comforts and amazing sea views. Inside each suite, you will find cave-style bedrooms and bathrooms, decorated in a volcanic color palette, inspired by the natural landscape of Santorini. Luxury bath amenities, private hot tubs or infinity pools, spa treatments and a Mediterranean restaurant are also offered to complement your accommodation at Pegasus Suites and Spa.
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Pegasus Suites and Spa

10. Pegasus Suites and Spa

Imerovigli - 5 Stars

Pegasus Suites and Spa is a collection of cave houses in Oia that have been designed to offer luxurious accommodation with all comforts and amazing sea views. Inside each suite, you will find cave-style bedrooms and bathrooms, decorated in a volcanic color palette, inspired by the natural landscape of Santorini. Luxury bath amenities, private hot tubs or infinity pools, spa treatments and a Mediterranean restaurant are also offered to complement your accommodation at Pegasus Suites and Spa.
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Katikies Santorini

11. Katikies Santorini

Oia - 5 Stars

Stunning cave suites with an all-white design and a cozy atmosphere are available at Katikies Santorini. The building complex can be found in Oia, at a location that is ideal for sea and sunset gazing. The suites are equipped with top quality amenities and are designed to offer luxurious accommodation. You will have access to the hotel’s impressive infinity swimming pool and a variety of amazing services are available, including champagne breakfast and fine dining facilities.
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Katikies Garden Santorini

12. Katikies Garden Santorini

Fira - 5 Stars

The elegance of modern aesthetics meets the Cycladic style in Katikies Garden Santorini, one of the top hotels for a deluxe stay in Fira. Housed in a former monastery, the building complex of the hotel has a unique classical design that cannot go unnoticed. Fine dining, creative desserts and good wine along with shared or private swimming pools and plunge pools are offered among many other excellent facilities to ensure all kinds of comforts for the guests of Katikies Garden Santorini.
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Honeymoon Petra Villas

13. Honeymoon Petra Villas

Imerovigli - 5 Stars

The traditional cave houses available by Honeymoon Petra Villas have a romantic atmosphere and all the amenities required for a luxurious stay. They have been equipped with modern furniture that successfully blends with their authentic Cycladic architecture. Offering hot tubs and sun terraces with a spectacular view of the sea and the volcano, this is the perfect place to unwind. By picking Honeymoon Petra Villas, you will also have a chance to enjoy numerous tailor-made services.
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Santorini Princess Spa Hotel

14. Santorini Princess Spa Hotel

Imerovigli - 5 Stars

Santorini Princess Spa Hotel has been specifically designed to offer an experience of luxury to all guests in Imerovigli. Its 5 star facilities include a fully equipped spa center for the most relaxing treatments and an outdoor swimming pool where you will have a truly spectacular view of the Aegean Sea. Each room and suite in the hotel has a unique style and a sophisticated design which combines tasteful modern elements with traditional cave house features and a romantic atmosphere. Private plunge pools are also offered in some villas.
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Perivolas Hotel

15. Perivolas Hotel

Oia - 5 Stars

Providing traditional cave suites with bright colored details, Perivolas Hotel will allow you to experience the ultimate Cycladic luxury in Oia. All the suites have a minimal design, along with beautiful features of architecture, such as arched doorways and vaulted ceilings. In addition to the hotel’s lovely interior design, the outdoor facilities include an infinity swimming pool with volcano views, as well as several private terraces with plunge pools or jacuzzis. Spa services are also provided.
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Mystique Hotel

16. North Villas

Pyrgos - 5 Stars

The Cycladic building complex of North Villas consists of spacious villages with exceptional facilities and a design influenced by the architecture of Santorini’s traditional houses. Offering great caldera and sea views, the villas are the perfect place for a relaxing vacation with privacy, serenity and all comforts. The interior design is stylish and modern, with a variety of deluxe amenities and the villas come with private swimming pools. Breakfast, drink and spa treatments are readily available.
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Katikies Kirini Santorini

17. Katikies Kirini Santorini

Oia - 5 Stars

With a modern, all-white interior design, Katikies Kirini Santorini is one of the best luxury hotels in Oia. Offering magical sea views and cozy cave rooms, the double suites of the hotel guarantee an unforgettable Cycladic experience! Every suite is well-equipped, with a satellite TV, luxury bath amenities and other great features. They open to private furnished balconies or terraces and on some of them, you will find outdoor plunge pools. The hotel provides numerous high quality services to accommodate all your needs.
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Mystique Hotel

18. Mystique Hotel

Oia - 5 Stars

Stone and wood are the main materials that make the design of Mystique Hotel stand out. This stunning hotel offers luxurious suites and villas with a unique style, influenced by the island’s traditional architecture and wild natural scenery. The hotel’s location on the edge of Oia’s cliff guarantees breathtaking sea views. Each suite is equipped with high quality bath amenities and stylish furniture. Most of the rooms have a cave house design as they have been carved into the rock. Private hot tubs and infinity pools are available to enhance the experience.
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Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel

19. Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel

Akrotiri - 5 Stars

Situated near Akrotiri, Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel provides numerous excellent facilities to its guests, from private and shared swimming pools, to a fully equipped fitness center and a restaurant. The hotel also stands out thanks to its amazing services that will elevate your accommodation experience. You will discover a variety of cave suites and villas with a minimal interior design, which have been equipped with modern furniture. Built-in furniture and cave-style bedrooms guarantee an amazing atmosphere.
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Kamini Santorini Villas

20. Kamini Santorini Villas

Pyrgos - 4 Keys

The villas offered by Kamini Santorini Villas are fully reconstructed old kilns, offering you the opportunity to spend your vacation in a special environment. They are located in Pirgos and constructed on the top of a hill, which ensures that you will have amazing views of the surroundings and the sea. The renovation turned the old kilns into a unique place, suitable for luxurious accommodation and their modernized interior design still maintains elements of the Cycladic tradition. A swimming pool and an outdoor hot tub have been added and a variety of VIP services are provided.
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Celestia Grand

21. Celestia Grand

Messaria - Luxury

Situated in the picturesque area of Fira, Celestia Grand offers luxury villas with private pools and hot tubs. All the villas are fully equipped, with a stylish interior design and all kinds of modern amenities will be at your disposal. You will find cave-style bedrooms and bathrooms, spacious seating areas with sophisticated decoration and fully furnished outdoor seating with an amazing atmosphere. The villas ensure a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea, the sunset and the volcano of Santorini.
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Homeric Poems

22. Homeric Poems

Firostefani - 4 Stars

With arched passages, cave-rooms and other features of design inspired by the timeless Cycladic style, Homeric Poems combines elegance and luxury to offer an unforgettable stay above the volcanic cliffs of Firostefani. Each suite has been decorated in a unique manner with signature works of art with an authentic Greek style. All the suites open to a private terrace so that you can have both stunning views and privacy and some of them also come with a private plunge pool or hot tub.
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Revelis Villa & Canava

23. Revelis Villa & Canava

Fira - Luxury

Overlooking the Aegean Sea in the charming area of Fira, the whitewashed building complex of Revelis Villa & Canava offers luxurious accommodation in an authentic Cycladic environment. The impressive cave houses are cozy and fully equipped, with modern amenities and a simple, yet elegant style of Cycladic decoration. Outdoor hot tubs, cave-style plunge pools and sun terraces with a magical view of the caldera guarantee an unforgettable experience of accommodation. Private transfers and other personalized services are available upon request.
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Villa Etheras

24. Villa Etheras

Firostefani - Luxury

Built above a rocky hill and offering panoramic views of the Aegean, as well as the whitewashed caldera houses in Firostefani, Villa Etheras offers luxurious facilities with amazing design that has both traditional and contemporary elements. The villa’s black and white interior decoration is influenced by the island’s volcanic background, while the variety of modern amenities available make a difference. The villa opens to a sun terrace where you can enjoy the views with privacy and a swimming pool is also provided.
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Caldera’s Dolphin Suites

25. Caldera’s Dolphin Suites

Megalochori - Luxury

Caldera’s Dolphin Suites incorporate the best elements of Cycladic design into luxurious facilities for an amazing accommodation experience in Megalochori. The suites are spacious and bright, with elegant furniture, arched doorways and access to a large swimming pool. Furthermore, many suites come with additional deluxe features, such as private hot tubs or jacuzzis with an outdoor placement that will allow you to enjoy a relaxing bath, accompanied by magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and the volcano.
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Tholos Resort

26. Tholos Resort

Imerovigli - Luxury

Located in Imerovigli and offering great views of the volcano of Santorini, Tholos Resort provides luxury suites with an ultra modern cave house design. The suites are minimally decorated, with an amazing architectural style, influenced by the colors and textures of the rocky volcanic island. Each suite is one of a kind, with extra deluxe features, such as private pools and outdoor hot tubs from where you can enjoy the panoramic sea view.
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The Vasilicos Suites

27. The Vasilicos Suites

Imerovigli - Luxury

Built on a steep volcanic cliff, The Vasilicos Suites can be found in Imerovigli, offering traditional cave houses suitable for luxurious accommodation with mesmerizing sea views. In each suite, traditional features of design are combined with a minimal style and modern amenities to create an amazing atmosphere for your accommodation in Santorini. Some of the suites come with private plunge pools and various personalized services are provided, including fine dining and wine tasting.
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Gold Suites

28. Villa Santorini 520

Oia - Luxury

Having all it takes to become your favorite Cycladic shelter in Oia, Villa Santorini 520 combines tranquility and privacy with panoramic sea views and an authentic design. The villa’s style is based on Cycladic minimalism and its cave rooms have a calming ambience. Luxury bath products, super soft beds and other little details are what makes the difference. The villa opens to a sun terrace where you will find a private swimming pool that will elevate your accommodation experience.
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Porto Fira Suites

29. Porto Fira Suites

Fira - 4 Stars

Offering impressive views of the volcanic caldera and the deep blue sea, Porto Fira Suites ensures an amazing stay in its luxurious facilities. The building complex consists of different types of suites to choose from depending on your preferences, including cave-style suites and modern ones. They have all been carefully decorated to create a beautiful atmosphere for your accommodation. Extra features of luxury are also provided, including indoor or outdoor hot tubs.
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Gold Suites

30. Gold Suites

Imerovigli - Luxury

The elegant hotel Gold Suites offers luxurious accommodation and a variety of high quality personalized services in Imerovigli. All the suites are beautifully decorated, with golden details, unique decorative pieces and golden details for an atmosphere of luxury. Most of them open to big verandas where you will find an outdoor jacuzzi or plunge pool with stunning views of the sea and the volcanic caldera. Private transfers, spa treatments, breakfast, drinks and other services are offered.
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Ducato Wine Villas

31. Ducato Wine Villas

Megalochori - Luxury

The stone-built Ducato Wine Villas was constructed on the ruins of old houses and wine cellars, preserving many of its original features and using them as the foundation for luxurious lodging facilities. Each suite has a unique cave-house design and may be partially stone-built, while successfully combining pre-reconstruction elements with modern additions. All the suites have special private facilities, from library rooms to impressive cave pools, antique furniture pieces and much more.
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Astra Suites

31. Astra Suites

Imerovigli - Luxury

Fine dining, spa treatments and other amazing services are provided by Astra Suites in Imerovigli. The hotel has some of the best views in the area, allowing you to gaze at the sea, the volcano and the picturesque houses on the caldera. Most of the suites have a traditional cave-house architecture and an arched ceiling, while some of them are modern. Luxurious amenities are combined with a minimal design, colorful details and unique decorative pieces to create an amazing ambience that is stylish and calming, with authentic Cycladic features.
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Aqua Luxury Suites

33. Aqua Luxury Suites

Imerovigli - 5 Stars

Constructed above the cliffs of Imerovigli for panoramic views of the volcano and the caldera, Aqua Luxury Suites offers a wide variety of modern and traditional cave house suites with a stunning design for an unforgettable deluxe stay in Santorini! Each suite has an authentic Cycladic style that is one of a kind. You will notice arched doorways, unique works of art, built-in furniture and other charming elements. Terraces with private plunge pools or hot tubs are available in almost every suite.
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Alta Mare

34. Alta Mare

Oia - Luxury

Alta Mare provides modern cave suites with an elegant decoration that are ideal for guests who are searching for luxurious lodging in Oia. The suites have been decorated in a color palette that matches with the natural landscape of the volcanic island and the amenities provided will enhance your accommodation: luxury bath products, soft beds and a mini bar are available, while several suites come with balconies or terraces where you will find a private hot tub or plunge pool.
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Aloia Villas

35. Aloia Villas

Oia - Luxury

The spacious cave houses offered by Aloia Villas in Oia have a traditional interior design, with vaulted ceilings and antique furniture. For an additional touch of luxury, private hot tubs or pools are available in each of them that are usually outdoor, so that you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea and the whitewashed cave houses on the caldera.The villas guarantee privacy and breakfast is also provided at the hotel.
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Aenaon Villas

36. Aenaon Villas

Panagia Kalou - Luxury

Boasting a peaceful and serene location, on the top of a hill on the volcanic caldera, Aenaon Villas is the perfect place to spend your vacation, with privacy, away from the crowded settlements of Oia. The whitewashed villas of the building complex overlook the Aegean Sea and have a traditional Cycladic design. Their all-white interior is minimal, with elegant furniture and luxury bath amenities. Depending on the villa of your choice, you may find a fireplace or an outdoor pool.
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Native Eco Villas

37. Native Eco Villas

Imerovigli - Luxury

Combining a minimalistic Cycladic style with modern furniture and a soothing atmosphere, Native Eco Villas offers accommodation with panoramic sea and volcano views in the area of Imerovigli. The villas are spacious, cozy and fully equipped, with kitchens and furnished terraces. On most of them, there are private outdoor hot tubs ideally placed so that you can enjoy the amazing views at any time. Breakfast is offered at the villas and private transfers can also be arranged.
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Amaya Selection of Villas

38. Amaya Selection of Villas

Oia - Luxury

For a chance to stay in a luxury cave house with a warm and inviting atmosphere, book your accommodation in a villa offered by Amaya Selection of Villas in Imerovigli. With deluxe features such as private hot tubs, the fully equipped villas ensure that you will have a magical view of the sea. Inside each one of them, cave rooms with a vaulted ceiling and arches will certainly catch your eye. In addition to the great design of the villas, accommodation in the Amaya Selection comes with numerous tailor-made services.
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Arota Exclusive villas

39. Arota Exclusive villas

Akrotiri - Luxury

For a modern approach to Cycladic luxury, book your stay in Arota Exclusive Villas in Imerovigli. The hotel’s building complex has a unique style, combining the Cycladic cubic design with modern details and stylish furniture. The villa is spacious and fully equipped, with all kinds of useful amenities and a large kitchen. It features a large outdoor seating area with wonderful sea views, which is fully furnished. A swimming pool is also provided.
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Gitsa Cliff Luxury Villa

40. Gitsa Cliff Luxury Villa

Imerovigli - Luxury

Built on the edge of a cliff in Imerovigli, Gitsa Cliff Luxury Villa has a modernized Cycladic interior design, where characteristics of the traditional architecture of Santorini are mixed with modern furniture and top quality luxury amenities. Decorated in earthy colors, the villa offers cave bedrooms, free deluxe bath products and an outdoor hot tub. From its sun terrace, you will have the opportunity to gaze at the caldera and the volcano of Santorini.
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La Perla

41. La Perla

Oia - Luxury

La Perla is a collection of luxurious villas and suites in Oia. Most of them have a traditional cave house architecture and beautifully arranged outdoor seating areas with private pools or hot tubs to make sure that you will have some of the best sea views in the area at any time of the day. All the suites and villas are minimally decorated, with modern furniture and earthy colors, while you will also find all kinds of modern amenities needed for a comfortable stay.
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42. Katikies Villa Santorini

Oia - Luxury

Katikies Villa Santorini consists of luxury villas in the picturesque village of Oia. Featuring private plunge pools with an amazing view of the Aegean Sea, the villas are the ideal place to stay if you are looking for luxurious accommodation. Among their facilities, you will find a bar for sophisticated cocktails, while breakfast is offered as well. Vaulted ceilings, arches and other impressive features of design are part of what makes the villas so special.
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43. Santorini’s Balcony Art Houses

Imerovigli - Luxury

Featuring a swimming pool with luxurious sunbeds and private outdoor hot tubs for each suite, Santorini’s Balcony Art Houses offers luxurious accommodation in Imerovigli. Overlooking the caldera and the Aegean Sea, the hotel’s whitewashed building complex consists of suites with a modernized cave house design. They have a beautiful style and are full of modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Bath amenities, fully furnished outdoor seating areas, breakfast and a variety of convenient services are all parts of the experience.
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45. Art Maisons Oia Castle

Oia - Luxury

Located in Oia, Art Maisons Oia Castles offers great views of the Aegean Sea and the ruins of Oia’s castle. All the suites have a minimal cave-house design, with arched passages, built-in furniture and a cozy atmosphere. They are suitable for luxurious accommodation, as they have been equipped with modern amenities and they have extra great features, such as private outdoor plunge pools for an exclusive view of Oia’s picturesque scenery and the sunset.
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