Why Visit Paros?

Paros is one of the favorite islands of tourists and Greeks. Although it does not attract as many people as the world-famous Santorini or the party queen Mykonos, the island has gained an avid following due to its beautiful beaches, Cycladic beauty and endless entertainment options.

In brief, some of the reasons to visit Paros are its:
Enchanting beaches: It has long sandy beaches with clear blue waters, many of which are organized with watersports facilities.
Lively nightlife: With the village of Naoussa playing a leading role in entertainment, Paros is preferred by the youth every year because of the bars and clubs that organize parties that last until the morning.
Top Accommodations: The island is home to many top-tier accommodations, including hotels, villas and suites.
Architecture: Having preserved its traditional Cycladic aesthetics, the island has several picturesque villages that take you back in time.
Excellent restaurants: The villages and beaches of Paros are home to many top restaurants, from traditional fish taverns to shops with ethnic cuisine and luxury restaurants.
Sunny weather: From mid-spring to mid-autumn, the sun bathes the island with its rays every day.
Island hopping: The island is connected by ferry to various places during the summer, with services to and from Athens and other islands being daily and numerous.
Paros Park: An area close to Naoussa where you can enjoy various activities.

Swim, sunbathe & enjoy watersports at the beaches

Paros is blessed with amazing seashores and crystal-clear waters that are sure to make any vacation on the island relaxing and enjoyable. From the intriguing Kolymbithres beach that features fascinating rock formations and little coves to the long, golden sandy bays of Santa Maria, Chryssi Akti, Aliki, Pounda, Livadia and many more, Paros is well-acclaimed for its shores. It is also an island that is favored by the seasonal meltemi wind, maintaining the ideal windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions. The professional sports centers provide watersport enthusiasts with guided sessions in various activities, top-notch gear and safety guidelines.

A fantastic nightlife destination

Paros exhibits a vivid nightlife and its party scene is popular with young people every summer. Since around 2010, the island has experienced significant growth regarding its party scene, with stylish bars and clubs established mainly in the towns of Naoussa and Parikia. There are also a few cozy bars located in smaller seafront settlements that are worth visiting.

Accommodations with impressive designs and several amenities

The tourism development on the island has resulted in many accommodations being built in the large villages and busy beaches. In addition to luxury hotels, guests can choose from a plethora of options including beautiful apartments, suites, traditional houses and villas.

Traditional aesthetic

Paros abides by the traditional Cycladic architecture of cubic, whitewashed buildings that are mainly low-ceiling and incorporate blue accents (typically doors, window frames and balconies). While the exterior looks cozy and homogenized, the interior is unique in every building and establishment. Posh clubs and aesthetic cocktail bars are lined up in the main towns of Naoussa and Parikia, while minimal and modernized restaurants captivate guests. Paros maintains a graceful balance between tradition and modernity that surely enhances any stay.

Delicious Greek & International cuisines served in lovely establishments

Paros honors its Greek identity and flavors impeccably in its gastronomic scene. The various seafood taverns, modern Greek restaurants and family-run establishments dot the entire island and welcome guests to rest and savor the finest produce in palatable meals and appetizers. It is highly recommended to try the local delicacies as they are mouth-watering and unique.
Additionally, for a special dining time, the multiple international restaurants of Paros bring numerous flavors from across the world to the picturesque environment of the Aegean island. Take a more detailed look at the best restaurants to include in your itinerary.

Excellent weather conditions during the visiting season

Thanks to its location in the Aegean Sea and the Cycladic complex, Paros enjoys sunny and warm weather from mid-spring to late autumn annually. The seasonal meltemi wind keeps the temperature at an optimal level by cooling the island. Rainfalls are scarce and may be encountered in the shoulder or off seasons. Find out more about the weather.

Various island-hopping destinations

Another convenient attribute of Paros’ location in the Cycladic complex is providing a multitude of island hopping opportunities to its visitors. Browse through special offers and top-tier bundles including islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, Amorgos and Koufonisia, and select the ones that best suit your vacation style!
A wonderful hidden gem of the Cyclades is Antiparos, a small island nested adjacent to Paros, just as its name suggests. It has been slowly introduced to tourist facilities and has managed to maintain its authenticity and serenity in an idyllic balance. The islet features a small variety of activities and sights, like the cave of Antiparos, the churches in and around Chora, hiking, windsurfing and kitesurfing. 

Paros Park & its various activities

An excellent alternative for a whole-day excursion is to visit the Environmental and Cultural Park on the northern peninsula of the island. The 80-hectare-wide park includes several activities, from watching a movie at the open-air cinema to intriguing hiking trails and unique seashores to indulge in. It is open throughout the day until late evening, all year round. It promotes the preservation of the historical monuments and the flora of the Agios Ioannis Detis peninsula and hosts concerts and cultural events every summer for everyone to attend.