Santa Maria Watersports in Paros

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Location: Santa Maria

Santa Maria Watersports, situated on one of the best beaches of Paros, has long had a reputation for being one of the greatest surf clubs on the island, with their full-fledged campsite featuring a diving center, a lush surfing club, a swimming pool, and various sports facilities.

As the water temperature fluctuates between 16°C and 25°C (60°F to 77° F) and the wind velocities are between 1 and 8 Beaufort, Paros allows you to have countless exciting adventures on its shores! Renting only the finest equipment available, Santa Maria Watersports Surf Club provides various sails, as well as water skiing, knee-boarding, canoeing, and wakeboarding essentials, while always having high class experienced guides to help you out during your first steps into the world of water sports!

The surf club’s top-tier professionals are always ready to train all visitors regardless of skill level, introducing beginners to the sea world or further developing the previously acquired knowledge and feel of intermediate and advanced surfers and divers!

If you prefer to take a deep dive into the ocean, Santa Maria Watersports is PADI and CMAS certified, meaning that you will not have to worry about your own safety or the trustworthiness of the tutors. Moreover, diving activities are organized in groups that are taken to the selected diving spot by boat! Plus, if you need a break from the endless blue, try Santa Maria’s horseback riding experiences!

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