Paros Kiteboarding World Cup

The Kiteboarding World Cup of Paros, in the Cyclades: Paros is known as the ideal island to practice various water sports, including windsurfing or kiteboarding. The stable and constant winds that blow in some beaches of this beautiful Cycladic island make this destination popular among the athletes of such extreme sports. Many sports centers have been established on the island and organize courses and sports competitions there.

Such competition is the Kiteboarding World Cup, organized by the Paros Kite Pro Center. This competition was first held in 2006 and had great success, as famous and skilled athletes from the entire world participated. It usually takes place in early or mid summer on the beach of Pounta, 8 km to the south of Parikia, the capital of the island.

Pounta is a long stretch of fine sand where the wind blows 5 days a week per average. This makes it ideal for sports that require wind. In 2005, Pounta beach was included in the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) World Tour and a year later the first Kiteboardpro World Tour took place there.

The Paros Kite Pro Center is an active promoter of Kiteboarding on Paros. Apart from the regular competitions that it organizes, there are professionals to give you kiteboarding courses and to set up various programs, either for beginners or for experienced athletes. There are also packages that include accommodation and courses that give you the chance to practice this extraordinary new water sports.