Paros Park: Environmental And Cultural Park

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Location: Monastiri

The Paros Environmental and Cultural Park is situated on the Agios Ioannis Detis peninsula, an area of approximately 80 hectares of remarkable rock formations, caves, hidden coves and seashores with crystalline waters in an authentic Cycladic scenery. Paros Park was founded in 2009 with the mission of preserving and optimizing the region.

The Park's primary goal and aim is to serve as a showcase for social service, providing a unique viewpoint on cultural and sustainable tourism in the Aegean Islands and Greece. The peninsula of Agios Ioannis Detis, which hosts it, provided inspiration with its distinctive natural scenery and character.

The origins & creation of Paros Park

Paros Park was established and developed in response to an immediate need to halt the peninsula's deterioration and misuse as a site of excessive sheep grazing, along with mass tourism upon its shores. There was a  collective agreement to take appropriate measures to conserve the natural ecosystem for everyone, locals and travelers of Paros and the Cyclades, to promote and preserve the island's landmarks and convert it into a living center of local culture and ecology by implementing resourceful planning concepts. With the professional aid of scientists, engineers, and technicians from many fields and generous hands-on help from volunteers among others, Paros Park became a reality.

Now, the beautifully preserved Cycladic scenery of Paros Park can be enjoyed throughout the year. Its spectacular environment consists of distinctive rock formations, the Aegean’s turquoise waters along with the colorful flora that adorns the nearby hills.

Moreover, there are tangible examples of the Aegean's heritage in the peninsula, such as a prehistoric community, the post-Byzantine monastery of Agios Ioannis Detis and traces of the Russian navy's headquarters, which were situated on the peninsula during the Russian-Turkish War (1768-1774).

The fascinating bays of Paros Park

Paros Park features three bays within the peninsula of Agios Ioannis Detis. The main beach of Monastiri is a well-protected and secluded shore situated within Agios Ioannis Detis' rocky bay. It's a vast beach with white sand and shallow waters that stretches for about 100 meters; it's ideal for safe swimming, water sports, and seaside activities. The bay is organized, providing sunbeds and umbrellas for hire.

The Park Beach Cafe operates from 10 am to 7 pm, from June to September. Perikopetra and Turkou Ammos, the other two beaches which line the peninsula, provide a feeling of independence and tranquil relaxation. Both shores are adjacent to the Monastiri beach and are only reachable on foot.

Hiking Routes in Paros Park

Furthermore, the wonderful scenery, nature and unique vistas of Paros Park can be experienced by hiking along the 3 existing charted walking paths. These pathways span over 7km and their difficulty varies from easy to moderate, making them accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. They cover the entirety of the Park and showcase the intriguing landscape, along with numerous emblematic landmarks of Paros. Hikers can witness the captivating sunset at Cape Corakas Lighthouse by taking the walking path 1.

The best seasons to stroll around the hiking trails are surely spring and autumn due to their fair weather conditions, but with essential sun and rain protection, the summer and winter seasons can be enjoyed in Paros Park as well. Additionally, visiting the Park allows everyone to become an active member of the preservation of the local flora and the maintenance of the historic landmarks.

Relaxing at the Park’s Cafe-Restaurant

When you need to rest and enjoy a refreshment and delicious snacks, the cafe-restaurant Monastiri welcomes you. Perched above the namesake Monastiri bay, guests get to unwind and replenish their energy amidst verdant trees and flowers, while witnessing a unique Aegean view. There are various Greek delicacies and meals provided for a moderate cost, so one-day excursions to the Park are facilitated. The two bars and the two-level seating areas make it functional and cozy throughout the summer season and from morning to late evening (10:00 to 20:00).

Events & Happenings in Paros Park

A plethora of cultural happenings and sports events take place from June to October annually for everyone to witness. Musical concerts of various Greek genres are the main attractions, as they create a hearty ambiance that befits the scenery. A great cultural feature is certainly the open-air cinema Cine Enastron nested in the Park, an idyllic summer getaway for all cinephile visitors of Paros.

Transportation & Time Schedule of Paros Park

Paros Park is easily accessible both from the island roads as well as from the sea. Vehicles such as cars and motorcycles are permitted up to a designated, free parking area.
During the summer season, you can conveniently get to Paros Park by boat from the port of Naoussa on a regular daily schedule, from June to September.

Paros Park is open throughout the year, while the cafe-restaurant is only during summertime. The walking paths are always available for hiking excursions, so make sure to include them in your vacation in Paros no matter when you visit.

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How to get there

Paros Park is located in Monastiri.

Private transfers: We recommend using an online pre-booked transfer service, which provides transfer by taxi, minibus, or private VIP car and arranging a pickup directly from the port, airport, or your hotel. Alternatively, there’s the option of arranging a pickup by a local driver directly at the following numbers: 0030 694 4540 556, 0030 694 4668 331, 0030 699 9450 800, or booking your taxi online.

Car rental: Τhere's the option of renting a car and picking it up directly from the airport, port, or your hotel. Using a rental car allows visitors to discover Paros Park and many other places of interest at their own pace.

Sea bus / Boat: Τhere are sea buses that carry out routes from Parikia to Monastiri.



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