Paros Mycenaean Acropolis

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Location: Kolymbithres

The Mycenaean Acropolis in Kolymbithres Paros: The hill overlooking Kolymbithres is the site where remains of the Mycenaean Acropolis are found from the 13th century BC. Parts of the remains were brought to light in 1975 by archaeologist Dimitris Skilardis.

Paros was quite powerful and played an important role in Greek history while the quality and magnitude of the Mycenaean architecture and the size of the fort with walls over 3 meters strengthen this assumption.
The archaeologists believe that this Mycenaean settlement was set on fire when enemies attacked it and must have been abandoned by the end of the 13th century BC.
Years later, in the 10th century BC, a Geometric settlement was erected in the same place. It once again continued being an important town till the Archaic Period.
The reason for the later and definite abandonment of the settlement is still unknown.

How to get there

The Mycenaean Acropolis is located in Kolymbithres.

Private transfers: We recommend using an online pre-booked transfer service, which provides transfer by taxi, minibus, or private VIP car and arranging a pickup directly from the port, airport, or your hotel. Alternatively, there’s the option of arranging a pickup by a local driver directly at the following numbers: 0030 694 4540 556, 0030 694 4668 331, 0030 699 9450 800, or booking your taxi online.

Car rental: Τhere's the option of renting a car and picking it up directly from the airport, port, or your hotel. Using a rental car allows visitors to discover the Mycenaen Acropolis and many other places of interest at their own pace.

Sea bus / Boat: Τhere are sea buses that carry out routes from Parikia to Kolymbithres.

Public transport: The central bus station of the island is located at the main Port of Paros (Parikia). There are several buses from Parikia to Kolymbithres during the day. Consider that time schedules might change according to the season. Check the official timetables here.
Tip: Since buses don’t always stop at every scheduled stop of their itinerary, our advice to visitors is to inform the driver about their final destination, so that he makes a stop there.



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