Paros Windmills

The Traditional Windmills of Paros: The traditionally whitewashed windmills characterize the Greek islands and mainly the Cyclades, exemplifying local architecture. In Paros particularly, such windmills are found all around the island. Some are preserved in the traditional form and are not used today, while others have been renovated and serve as hotels, cafeterias, or art galleries.

In the past, these windmills were of vital importance to the locals. Using the power of the wind, which is very strong in the Cyclades, people used to grain wheat, the most important nutritional element at that time. Most windmills were constructed in the 19th century and fell into disuse after the middle of the 20th century when technological upgrowth and quick transport eliminated the need for them. A lovely traditional windmill can be seen today at the port of Parikia, the busiest spot on the island.

Driving around the island will also bring you in front of many windmills, particularly in the regions of Naoussa, Marpissa, Lefkes, and Aliki. Their number is conspicuous of their importance for the local communities, making them a very integral element of local architecture.