Water Biotopes threatened to seize

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The water biotope Santa Maria has been recognized as a Significant Area for Birds and is, as most of the water biotopes of the Aegean, important stations during the migration of the birds.
According the environmentalists of WWF Greece, there are 10 water biotopes areas on the island of Paros. Recently, however, two of those were found out that they do no longer exist! On Dryo area the water biotope had been drained, while on Piso Livadi a building was built at its place.
The saltmarshes, the sea-lakes, the streams’ outfalls with the fens are very important ecosystems. They are responsible for the creation of the beaches, as well as for the flora and fauna they host. Once their function is destroyed, drained or “restrained”, then it is more than sure that within a few decades there will be no beaches in the same form we know today.