Unveiling the bust of ancient poet

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The unveiling of the bust of the ancient lyric poet Archilochos will take place on Monday 9th of November at 11.30 am in Agios Nikolas square, Paroikia, the capital of Paros. This sculpture has been made by the artist Aristeides Varrias and it was hosted in the Council Hall of Paros, until it was decided to display it into public. This bust has been made using Parios Lithos, an excellent-quality stone from Paros, and transparent light blue crystal hail. For the creation of this bust, the sculptor was based on a coin with the figure of the ancient poet, one of the 106 coins of Paros that belonged to the personal collection of the sculptor and that have now been donated to the Archaeological Museum of Paros. On the one side of the coin, there is the bust of Archilochos and on the other an ancient Greek music instrument, the lyre.