Highspeed 5 crashed on the port

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Another ferry accident happened this morning when Highspeed 5 of Hellenic Seaways company lighly crashed with the right side while it was trying to deck in the port of Paros island. Fortunately, the crash was not serious and all 800 inhabitants are fine in health, just a bit scared. The ship finally decked with safery on the port but according to the first estimations it got a breanch, so it was forbidden to continue its trip. The passengers descended on Paros and will continue their trip with Blue Star Naxos that carries out the same schedule. HighSpeed 5 has departed early this morning from the port of Piraeus and followed the trip Piraeus-Paros-Naxos-Ios-Santorini. A few days ago, the same ship had another accident, when its engine was set on fire while it was on its way, but fortunately the fire was quickly set off by the crew.