Cyclades run out of water

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Paros is one of the few islands in the Cyclades that still has enough water resources to sustain the inhabitants as well as the large number of visitors who arrive every summer. However, these resources are unfortunately running out, as already five water drills used for the public water supply have dried up and the level of water in the remainder is falling rapidly.
The water company DEYAP (the Municipal water authority) is doing everything in its power to conserve water, but they cannot create rain... Moreover, the temporary suspension of the construction of a new desalination unit in Paroikia – due to the conflict between the two companies that want the project – means that additional resources are not yet available to support the demand in the high season.
The residents are informed about the situation and are also willing to help, before the damage is irreversible. Other Cycladic islands, like Tinos and Syros, pay a high price to transport water for their needs. Paros still has the chance to replenish its resources if the locals realize the threat of water shortages.
The main water supply, which has a pipeline with a total length of 350km connecting to 50 water drills (a drill is deeper than a well) is tested regularly in accordance with the quality control measures dictated by the European Union.