A good year for the wine

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This autumn it was a good year for the wines of Paros, which are famous for their high quality. The harvest of grapes was excellent and according to the Association of Greek Wine, it was about 900 kilos per square metre. Winegrowers of Paros said that this year the weather conditions were particularly helpful for their grapes, as the summer was pretty cool, and not as dry as other years, and also there were many rains last spring. The harvest time on Paros started quite early this year and the produced wine is expected to be of high quality: white wine will have a nice aroma and the red wine will have a deep colour. In particular, the Agricultural Association of Paros announced that it has collected 415 tones of Malvasia type of wine, 230 tones of Mandelaria and 70 tones of Savatiano.