Translators' Guesthouse

Mar 04, 2004 — Mar 04, 2004 • Category: Events
The Municipality of Paros has formally handed over a building, which was initially a small hotel, to the European Translation Center. After discussions with the Mayor, Mr. Yiannis Ragousis, this decision was taken and the building will be used as a guesthouse for translators and writers. Located in Lefkes, in Paros, the guesthouse will be primarily used to house visiting members as well as to hold meetings or seminars for Greek and as well as foreign writers and translators. The building was also partly chosen, due to the magnificent and inspiring view it provides from the balcony, reported the EKEMEL's (National Translation Centre of Greece) monthly bulletin. Also reported was the addition of a new segment to their already famous creative writing courses, which will be led by the winner of the State Award for Literature, Thanassis Valtinos. This workshop on creative writing is aimed at giving participants an insight by the famous novelist about the nuances of creative writing. In another matter related to this field, heading out to Cannes to attend the third Balkan Culture Encounter, which is organized by Association Balkans Transit, are twenty Greek novelists, poets and playwrights. Termed "Une autre Grece|", this year’s meeting aims to focus on Greece and will be attended by Lefki Molfesi, Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke, Stratis Paschalis, Titos Patrikios, Thanassis Heimonas, Christos Homeinidis, Eugene Trivizas, Vassilis Vassilikos, Thanassis Hatzopoulos, Aris Marangopoulos, Thanassis Valtinos, Thodoros Grigoriadis, and Auguste Corteau. They will participate in the discussions on literature, and accompanying them will be Michel Volkovitch and Jacques Bouchard, and the events will be moderated by several eminent journalists and critics. Meanwhile at the Principe de Austurias foundation, nominations are being called in for eight International prize categories which include technical and scientific research, art, communications and humanities, letters, social sciences, international cooperation and sport and concord. The last date for nomination submission is March 16th and the forms for Greek candidates can be taken from the International Relations department of the Ministry of Culture. The winners will each receive a diploma, 50,000 euros and a copy of a Joan Miro sculpture. Some of the more famous past winners are Susan Santog, J. K. Rowling, Jane Goodall and Juergen Habermas.