Painting exhibition: A trip that never happened

Jun 21, 2008 — Oct 29, 2008 • Category: Events
An actually no existing exhibition is taking place on the island of Paros, at the capital village of Naousa. At the Fotis Art Cafe, the Greek artist Miltos Michailidis presents his Notes on an island.
The exhibition lasts from 21 June to 29 October, covering the tourist season, so as that the visitors of the island have the chance to enjoy it.
Miltos Michailidis shares his impressions of Paros from the perspective of a new traveler. The truth is, though, this is actually about stolen impressions, since the whole exhibition consists of artistically processed information, photos and pictures that the artist found on the web, on tourist guides and books. In a few words, this is a record of a trip that never happened!
A thought on the way that today-man collects impressions and comes to conclusions by the surrounding world. The entrance is free.