Best locations in Paros for your stay

Where to stay in Paros? This is the number one question that you need to have a clear answer to before you proceed with your hotel booking.
Choosing the wrong location for your stay is a very common mistake especially when travelling to a big island with many villages, settlements and beaches such as Paros. So let’s go and make things a bit clearer.

Tourist infrastructure has been developed in the biggest part of the island. The two main towns Parikia and Naoussa attract the largest number of travellers annually, and smaller villages and beaches also manage to play a significant part of the accommodation pie. Despite Paros being a relatively small island, each one of its villages has developed their unique character and style.
Location and hotel facilities attract different types of visitors, giving a unique aura to every place. On a quick note, Parikia offers more budget options and has preserved its local identity. If you are seeking a lavish stay, you will definitely find it in Naoussa.
If having one of the shimmering beaches right outside your doorstep or no less than a short walking distance, then it is highly recommended to book a hotel in Drios, Aliki or Golden Beach.
If you are visiting Paros and want to practise your windsurfing skills, New Golden Beach is the place to book your hotel. Pounda is the place you would want to stay if proximity to the kitesurfing hotspot of the island is a priority.
Lastly, for those wanting to be close to the center of activities and the seashore, Livadia is a very good option.

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Best places for your stay in Paros

Discover the best places in Paros for your stay and our recommendation of best hotels by location:


1. Stay in Parikia village

Parikia is the capital town of Paros and its main port. The town of Parikia is the center of life and activities on the island with a great variety of shops and restaurants. Bus, boat and taxi stations connect the capital with the beaches and villages of the island, while timetables offer frequent routes. Attractions such as the traditional windmill at the port, the emblematic Monastery of Panagia Ekatodapiliani, numerous chapels and the Venetian Castle are located here. The town is built amphitheatrical, featuring the world-famous whitewashed cubic houses that create a welcoming traditional environment. As the island’s main town, Parikia is lively throughout the year, with locals welcoming the summertime travellers. Accommodation types there vary but the majority consists of central and portside budget-friendly hotels. Young travellers and backpackers prefer to stay here since apart from the cost-effective studios and rooms to let, renting a car is not necessary. Additionally, most shops, bars, bus stations and activities are within a short walking distance. Towards the town’s outskirts the lodging tier is upscale, while walking distances from the bus station and restaurants also get gradually longer.

Our recommended Hotels in Parikia:
White Blossom: The stylish lodging of White Blossom in Parikia is perfect for those who want to combine affordable luxury and design without compromising the walking distance from the town’s party scene. The revamped Cycladic buildings along the stone details and the minimal boho decor of the rooms enables a warm aura, perfect for memorable Parian vacation. Providing every essential amenity, the pristine pool and elegantly furnished sun terrace will only add to the experience. The hotel is situated near Marcello beach and only a 13-minute walk from the Archaeological Museum of the island. It is among the finest hotels for couples and friends.

Paros Palace: Another top tier hotel in Parikia is surely Paros Palace, situated only a kilometer from the seashore. The elegantly designed establishment abides by the cubic, whitewashed architecture not only on the exterior, but in the interior style as well; it creates a very subtle yet practical boho style along with the beige stone details. Paros Palace provides all essential amenities to its guests, from a fulfilling breakfast buffet and its in-house restaurant, to turquoise pools and convenient transportation to and from the airport all day long. A serene oasis to unwind in, while staying in the heart of Parikia translates into an ideal balance.

Nautilus Apartments: A very convenient and stylish option of accommodation is offered by Nautilus Apartments in Parikia town. The cozy lodging is situated in ideal distance from every Parian highlight in town, such as the Archaeological Museum, the church of Panagia Ekatondapiliani, the airport and the seashore. Each unit comes with a patio and wonderful views, contemporary furnishing and all necessary amenities and services for a comfortable stay. The apartments are ideal both for couples and families due to their size, tranquility and proximity to Parikia’s sights. It is also pet-friendly and the well-equipped kitchenettes and bathrooms in every unit ensure the guests’ satisfaction.

Bethlehem: Historic Townhouse: For a truly unique stay, the renovated townhouse of Bethlehem in the old part of Parikia is the one you should go after. This hidden gem was named after the adjacent little church and was revamped in an exquisite fusion style of Cycladic architecture and Anatolian colors and details. It is minimally furnished while its effortless elegance is evident equally in the interior and the sun terrace. Featuring 2 roomy bedrooms, a comfortable living space and well-equipped kitchen and bathroom, Bethlehem can host friends, families and their beloved pets as well. Due to its unbeatable location, it is only a few steps away from the main Parikia sights and monuments, as well as the shimmering beaches. The townhouse can only be accessed on foot, a bike or tricycle as cars are not permitted inside this preserved part of Parikia.
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Naoussa village

2. Stay in Naoussa

Naoussa is the second largest town of Paros and the most popular accommodation area on the island. It is a fishing settlement with a picturesque harbor and traditional architecture. The colourful fishing boats, the small blue-domed chapel on the harbor and the gathered wooden chairs from the nearby cafes and taverns, create a picture-perfect scenery. It is known that Naoussa experiences significant ongoing touristic growth and thus local daily life in this town is limited since priority is given to lodging facilities. There are a plethora of luxury hotels, suites and villas built according to the Cycladic principles, forming a cosmopolitan ambience. During high season Naoussa buzzes with tourists. Lodgings are lavish, high-priced, with exquisite design and amenities compared to other villages of Paros.
The Livadia quarter (not to be confused with Livadia beach near Parikia) is located close to Naoussa and is considered an outskirt. It has fantastic luxury hotels flaunting amazing sea vistas and is located near the intriguing Kolymbithres bay, and Paros Recreational Park. Naoussa is well connected by bus with Parikia and other villages while some of the best restaurants are located here. Renting a car is considered optional.

Our recommended Hotels in Naoussa:
Hotel Papadakis: A top-tier hotel to book for your vacation in Paros is certainly Hotel Papadakis, located in the vivid Naoussa. It welcomes guests with its relaxing and welcoming environment that consists of pristine pools, roomy sun terraces elegantly furnished and stylish rooms. The establishment offers every essential amenity and service, while guests can be assisted in external activities or car rentals upon request. Homemade breakfast is one of the cozy caretaking details that everyone loves in Hotel Papadakis, best savoured with the excellent Parian views.

Saint Andrea Resort Hotel: When you want to combine exquisite vistas, lavish amenities and equally posh facilities, Saint Andrea Resort is the answer. Overlooking the intriguing Kolymbithres and Naoussa bays, the resort is elegantly built in resonance with its central, lagoon-like swimming pool and the Cycladic architecture, beautifully divided by stone-paved gardens and terraces. Adopting a contemporary style with colorful details to create a truly warm ambience, the resort offers comfortable rooms with plush beds and fully-equipped bathrooms and living spaces. Every unit features a private porch with view to the Aegean or the verdant gardens and there is a plethora of lavish beauty, fitness and wellness treatments guests can indulge into. Saint Andrea is excellent for couples and families with children due to its proximity to every part of Naoussa and the wider area.

Anemomylos Residence: The revamped traditional Anemomylos Apartments is an elegant lodging in Naoussa, within walking distance of the Agioi Anargyroi bay. The complex offers a multitude of amenities and facilities for its guests, while the delicious and rich breakfast ensures they start the day satisfied. A crystalline swimming pool is the pivotal point around which the picturesque buildings reside. Hot tubs and lounge chairs on the neat sun terraces enhance the feeling of pampering. The stylish interior design of the apartments will allow you to leave the stressful days at the doorstep and immerse yourselves in comfort and elegance.

Paros Angels Villas: For a fusion of serenity and luxury, Paros Angels Villas near Naoussa is certainly among the top options. Featuring 6 posh, 2-storey villas with impeccable Cycladic interior and exterior design built amphitheatrical, it is a perfect stay for couples, friends and families. The verdant and vast gardens around them connect guests with the natural element, while the common outdoor swimming pool is spacious and crystalline. Well-equipped kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms along with the private hot tubs and splendid Aegean views ensure the absolute bundle of care, comfort and pampering. The seashore is only 150 meters away, while free in-lot parking for your rental vehicle can come in handy.

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Drios village

3. Stay in Drios

Drios is a coastal settlement located at the southwestern part of Paros, 21km away from Parikia. It consists of small, pebbled creeks with calm waters ideal for a morning swim. Moreover, when you want quick access to extraordinary beaches, Golden Beach and Lolantonis beach are only a short distance away. Unlike the rather barren nature of Paros, Drios has relatively lush vegetation and many tamarisk trees expanding from the mainland until the sea. The beachfront is very quaint with lovely tavernas serving fresh fish and family run hotels offering warm hospitality. Overall, Drios offers a serene atmosphere and a mild tourist growth with moderate pricing. It is an excellent option for travelers with kids who want to escape the crowds and bustling of Parikia and Naoussa while staying close to golden bays.

Our recommended Hotels in Drios:
Villa Vanta: In the peaceful Drios village travellers can find one of the most comfortable and cozy lodgings on Paros, Villa Vanta. The wonderful 2-storey villa abides by the Cycladic architecture and enhances it with cottage core interior decor. Plush beds, a roomy kitchen and living space, elegant boho bathrooms and every amenity in the book are part of the Villa Vanta services. The furnished sun terraces allow for more dining options, along with the BBQ facilities available. The environment is pet-friendly and ideal for families and friends as it provides privacy. Additionally, it is only 100 meters away from the shimmering Dryos bay, while Golden Beach (Chryssi Akti) is 1km away. Any essential shops and transportation facilities (like a bus stop) can be found in a small radius.

Glyfa Village: When you look for the ideal stay at the beachfront with equally satisfying pampering, opt for the luxury-oriented Glyfa Village apartments. With exceptional views to the azure Aegean Sea and with its verdant garden, the complex is a beautiful fusion of Cycladic and contemporary design, with hints of retro in its interior design. Every unit is self-catering, with continental breakfast served daily and with grocery delivery service available upon arrangement. They are also fully furnished and provided with all essentials. There is private parking space in-lot so you can rent a car for more flexibility in transportation around the island. The location is ideal for couples who want to escape the bustling main towns and visit the shimmering shores nearby.

Tarsa Studios: Summertime in Greece and especially wonderful islands like Paros are always accompanied with sea views and the sound of waves on glimmering bays; thankfully, such an idyllic environment can be savored while staying at the Tarsa Studios. Like an Aegean nostalgic oasis, the lodging flaunts striking vistas of endless blue and is abundant with natural light. The traditional whitewashed exterior is followed by a more contemporary interior style in earthy colors and textures. Free sun loungers on the beach are provided to the Tarsa guests, which can be even more pleasant with a book from the little library available at the reception. Every essential amenity is provided and the hospitable staff can assist with requests. Local seafood taverns can be found in a small distance from the lodging.

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Livadia beach

4. Stay in Livadia (Parikia)

Livadia beach is the sandy beach with shallow and clean waters located close to Parikia, the capital of the island. While it avoids the great touristy attention of other Parian bays, Livadia is clean, pleasant and ideal for kids. It is an ideal option when looking for optimal distance from the crowds of Parikia with tranquil accommodation by a beach.

Our recommended Hotels in Livadia:
Parian Village: In the splendid area around Livadia bay, the Parian Village Beach Hotel is an idyllic accommodation choice. Situated right by the beachfront, the hotel offers unbeatable views to the sea, enjoyed even more from its outdoor pool and sun terrace loungers. The units feature private balconies that overlook the Aegean as well, while being equipped with all essential amenities. The Parian Village design is contemporary, with earthy tones in the units and relaxing grey and white tones in the common areas. A wonderful lodging for couples, Parian Village welcomes guests to unwind in a serene environment.

Olympian Apartments: The Olympian Apartments complex is situated between the bay of Livadia and the town of Parikia, in a very convenient location for exploring Paros and its main sights. In a quiet and cozy environment, the establishment offers a terrace for its guests and there are many units featuring private balconies. It is equipped with every necessary amenity and toiletries, while the well-furnished kitchenettes ameliorate the stay. The interior design blends the traditional accents of Paros and the Cyclades with modern ones in a satisfying result. Free parking is available in a nearby location for your rental vehicle.

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Golden beach

5. Golden Beach & New Golden Beach

Located in the west part of the island with views of Naxos, Golden beach (Chryssi Akti) is one of the most famous beaches of Paros. This 700m long bay is known for its shimmering, silk-soft sand and turquoise waters. It is considered as one of Paros’ highlights and it is strongly recommended not to leave the island without spending a day there. There are various restaurants, beach bars and accommodation options nearby for travellers who dream of a holiday with a wonderful beach on their doorstep . Furthermore, the area is popular among families with children due to the shallow and clear waters. New Golden Beach (Nea Chrisi Akti), stretches along the northern part of Chrissi Akti and is the island's best windsurfing spot. During the meltemi season (July-August) the ideal wind conditions transform it into the ultimate Aegean playground for the international windsurfing community. The annual Professional Windsurfing World Cup takes place during August there and the seashore bustles with sea sports enthusiasts.

Our recommended Hotels in Golden Beach & New Golden Beach:
Golden Sand Paros: In the beautiful area above Golden Beach travellers can enjoy a great accommodation experience at the Golden Sand Paros Hotel. The establishment consists of beautifully revamped Cycladic buildings, a sun terrace surrounded by verdant flora and top-tier service. Every unit is furnished with modern accents and appliances, including a kitchenette with refrigeration and all essential amenities. There is free parking space provided in-lot for convenience, while there are plenty of activities to indulge in at the bay. It is a fantastic lodging for couples who want just the right distance between the buzzing parts of Paros and their accommodation.

Flora & Agelos Studios: A cozy, family-run hotel overlooking Golden Beach, Flora & Agelos Studios welcome their guests for an excellent vacation in Paros. The Mpountari area in which it is situated is quiet, while only 50m from the shimmering shore. The exterior abides by the Cycladic architecture, while the interior is a relaxing fusion of island style and contemporary accents. A sun terrace and verdant garden enhance the surroundings. Every room is well-equipped with a kitchenette, private bathroom and essential amenities. The staff is very hospitable and assists every guest with inquiries about Paros and activities in the area.

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6. Stay in Aliki

Alyki is a seaside settlement located at the southernmost point of Paros, 13km from Parikia and very close to the airport. It has a small harbor with tavernas serving fresh fish and local delicacies. There are many hotel units in the region that are more popular to families with kids, providing a relaxing environment. Aliki offers many swimming options such as Piso Aliki which is a lovely and clean pebbled beach, as well as the beach of Faragas which consists of 4 small coves.

Our recommended hotels in Aliki:
Parosland Hotel: In the serene Aliki settlement travellers can enjoy an unparalleled accommodation experience at the Parosland Hotel. A top-tier lodging just 300m from the golden bay of Agios Nikolaos, it features a splendid outdoor turquoise pool, vast gardens and pathways between the units. The exterior design incorporates the stone element in its pavings, the pool bar, the restaurant and the common areas, while Cycladic accents enhance the result. The Greek delicacies and meals of the in-lot restaurant are high quality and loved by the guests, with room service options. A fitness center is also available and beauty treatments or childcare services can be arranged. Parosland is great both for families and couples who want to unwind in a tranquil and warm environment.

Ostria Studios and Apartment: Situated right next to the golden Aliki bay, Ostria Studios & Apartment is an exquisite Cycladic-style lodging option. The well-executed design blends traditional aspects with modern and revamped furniture, while the stone and wood elements create a natural feeling. The complex features a spacious sun terrace, an in-lot restaurant and snack bar for its guests and is pet-friendly. The units are equipped with every essential amenity and private balconies overlooking the Aegean or the verdant gardens. It is conveniently located near the airport and many local taverns can be found in a 200m radius. A rental vehicle is ideal for transportation around Paros, while the various sea sports activities in the nearby shores can enhance every itinerary.

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7.  Stay in Pounda

Pounda (NOT to be confused with Pounda beach, with the amazing waters and the famous beach bar) lies 8.5km away from Parikia and is a small harbor from where daily ferry boats connecting Paros with Antiparos islet operate. Although it might be less picturesque than other places in Paros, it attracts many travelers. Pounda is Paros’ famous kitesurfing spot so travelers who want to practise their favorite sport prefer to stay close. Kite surfing schools and shops are found in the region. Furthermore, transportation to Parikia and other places including the lovely island of Antiparos is very convenient. Pounda is a very nice starting point for excursions.

Our recommended Hotels in Pounda:
Seesoo Paros: One of the absolute best accommodation options on Paros is the Seesoo Paros Beachfront Resort in Pounda. The 4-star resort provides an excellent execution of tropical, boho and Cycladic fusion design, creating an inspiring aura. The palm trees and gorgeous flora enhancing its beautifully furnished sun terrace are complete with striking views of the Aegean Sea in the background. A pristine outdoor pool, a bar and free in-lot parking are only a few of the facilities at Seesoo Paros. The rooms are designed in accordance with the Cycladic aspect and decorated in boho accents and fully-equipped with essentials and appliances. There is a plethora of activities such as snorkeling and hiking that can be enjoyed in the surrounding areas. The airport is also only 4km from the resort, while the staff can assist with extra requests.

Holiday Sun: Situated on the beachfront of Pounda, the 4-star Holiday Sun Hotel welcomes travellers to unwind in its superb environment annually. The revamped Cycladic buildings consisting the hotel are carefully furnished and decorated with modern furniture in earthy colors and island life accents in an inspiring result. The vast outdoor swimming pool and the surrounding sun terrace with sunbeds are the main attraction, while the Aegean Sea serves as an exquisite background. Every unit is fully-equipped with essential amenities, complimentary breakfast and private balconies for additional comfort. The water sports center of Holiday Sun invites its guests to participate in excellent diving and windsurfing sessions, while the in-lot restaurant and bar provide the Greek flavors of an unforgettable Parian summer. The lodging is idyllic, perfect for couples and families.

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