You will find below our selection of the best hotels on Paros island but also the best locations for your stay!

On a quick note, we recommend that you start your research for hotels in the two main villages, Naoussa and Parikia. For a seaside vacation, check out Golden Beach and New Golden Beach.
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The tourist industry of Paros is well-developed almost everywhere on the island.
Nonetheless, its main towns, Parikia and Naoussa, attract the vast majority of visitors every year.
The rest of the complexes can be found in smaller villages or along the coastline, offering unique character and contributing to the local tourist infrastructure.

Although Paros is a relatively small island, the options available successfully accommodate the needs of thousands of travelers every year.

As a rule of thumb, remember that Parikia is a favorite among budget travelers, while Naoussa leans towards the luxury-vacation side.
Drios, Aliki, Livadia,  and Golden Beach offer excellent beachfront facilities, while New Golden Beach and Pounda (harbor) are among the best beaches for windsurfers and kitesurfers.


Finding a place to stay in the most lively locations in Paros (Naoussa and Parikia) is quite convenient, as you will have a wide variety of facilities within a short distance.
Charming shops, traditional taverns, and bus stations are only some of the advantages that come with choosing one of Paros' villages.

Naoussa village

❤ Our recommendations:
PapadakisSaint AndreaAnemomylos ResidenceParos Angels Villas

The charming fishing village known as Naoussa is the second largest settlement on the island after Parikia.
It is full of tourist facilities, including places with elegant designs.
In addition to its traditional family-owned options, Naoussa has started to target visitors that are interested in luxury.
For this reason, besides the typical rooms and apartments, you will also discover posh options with a large pool and a nice sea view among other features.
Discover Naoussa

Parikia village

❤ Our recommendations:
White BlossomParos PalaceNautilusBethlehem

The lovely town of Parikia is the capital of Paros and the island's main port is also located there.
Parikia offers several traditional options and is your to-go destination if you are interested in finding budget places and are unable to travel around the Parian countryside.
Blending perfectly into its surroundings, the options of Parikia have been designed in a typical Cycladic style to help preserve the town's authentic architecture.
Many places of interest are located in Parikia, including Paros Archaeological Museum.
Discover Parikia


Seaside options are usually recommended for guests who enjoy quieter or more remote environments that are not as busy as in the above villages.
The island's seafront villages and settlements offer plenty of hotels with beautiful designs, allowing you to stay at a place within a walking distance of the beach.
Although they are steps away from the beach, many of them also offer an additional swimming pool.
Below, you will find some of the best locations on the beach or close to it.

Golden Beach & New Golden Beach

❤ Our recommendations:
Golden SandFlora & Agelos

Many visitors consider the long and silky seashore of Golden Beach the best beach in Paros.
It is definitely among the top seaside locations since it is well-organized, with sunbeds and sun umbrellas.
Windsurfers are also particularly fond of this location.
At Golden beach, you will mostly find family-friendly studios and apartments with a relaxing atmosphere.
Many of them are located within a short walking distance from the sea.
Discover Golden Beach

The New Golden Beach is also one of the most popular seashores in Paros. It is a long sandy beach with shallow waters and conditioning that are perfect for sea-related activities.
Hotel rooms, apartments, studios, and suites for all budgets are available in this area and most tourist facilities are family-friendly.
Discover New Golden Beach

Drios village

❤ Our recommendations:
Villa VantaGlyfa VillageTarsa

The seafront village of Drios is among the best places to stay in Paros, especially if you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.
For the most part, traditional studios and apartments are available in this area, while you will also find a few modern luxury villas.
Most of them are not beachfront but the village is small and the beach is usually within a short walking distance, no matter where you choose to stay.
Discover Drios

Aliki village

❤ Our recommendations:

A beautiful sandy beach can be found in the small fishing village of Aliki.
This area is perfect if you enjoy peace and privacy and would like to see an authentic side of the island.
Many options are available in Aliki and most of them are located within a short walking distance of the village's small bay.
Discover Aliki



For your accommodation, it is highly recommended to start by deciding which hotel category is the best one for your needs.
To help you pick the best one for the type of holiday you are organizing, we provide information on the hotel categories in Paros.


❤ Our recommendations:
Parilio (Naoussa Livadia) • Stagones (Naoussa) • Summer Senses (Logaras beach) • Naoussa Hills (Naoussa) • Bohemian (Naoussa) • White Dunes (Santa Maria)

Luxury hotels prioritize hospitality and comfort, as well as design and architecture.
The majority of them are housed in newly built or renovated Cycladic buildings with a unique cubic style and whitewashed walls, reflecting the sunlight and creating a bright atmosphere.
They offer at least one swimming pool with an elegant pool bar. Other facilities include top-rated restaurants with sea views, fully furnished terraces, and even private beach sections with sunbeds for the guests.
Another great thing about luxury options is the pricing. Unlike the neighboring Cycladic islands of Mykonos and Santorini, luxury options keep their prices at an affordable rate, starting at 200€ per night.
About ⅓ of the island's offers belong to the luxury category, including options in Naoussa among other locations.
Make sure to book one early enough, as availability may be limited during the summer.


❤ Our recommendations:
White Blossom (Parikia) • Villa Kelly (Naoussa) • Anemomylos Residence (Naoussa) • Parian Village (Livadia) • Glyfa Village (Glyfa) • Golden Beach Hotel (Golden Beach)

Options belonging to this category allow you to enjoy luxury amenities, facilities, and services for an affordable price.
Many boutique hotels provide great value bundles, especially for rooms and suites that do not offer sea views.
Recently renovated rooms with all kinds of amenities and a stylish design are available for prices as low as 100 - 200 € per night.
Almost half of the island's offers fall under this category, making it easy to save money with no compromise besides the views.
You will find them in the 2 main villages (Parikia and Naoussa), as well as at seafront locations (Drios, Golden Beach, Aliki, and more).
It is recommended to book them months in advance as these deals sell out easily, especially if you plan on visiting during the high season.


❤ Our recommendations:
Golden Beach Hotel (Golden Beach) • Amaryllis (Golden Beach) • Tarsa (Drios) • Glyfa Village (Glyfa) • Nissiotiko (Drios) • Kalypso (Naoussa)

For travelers who want to experience the relaxing and peaceful side of Paros, finding a place near the beach is a fantastic idea.
Many beachfront options are located in quiet seaside settlements or near popular beaches where many times, you can also find watersport facilities. These hotels have mostly a traditional Cycladic design.
Livadia, Golden Beach (Chryssi Akti), Aliki, Drios,  and Piso Livadi offer some of the best facilities for families or couples and they may be beachfront or less than 5 minutes away from the seashore on foot.
Such locations are not considered remote, which means that traditional taverns and shops with local products will be available nearby.
A car rental, however, is highly recommended when staying near the beach so that you can travel around freely.
For a stress-free vacation, consider booking your hotel a few months in advance.


❤ Our recommendations:
Stagones (Ambelas) • Angels (Naoussa) • Acron (Kolympithres) • Spiti Marie (Aspro Chorio)

There are a plethora of villas built in different villages and beach resorts in Paros that are ideal holiday homes.
They can either be part of a hotel complex or detached buildings.
Renting a villa is a great option for travelers who want to enjoy privacy and luxury as well as a warmer and cozier environment during their holiday. If you are traveling to Paros on a family getaway or with a group of friends, then renting a villa is ideal in terms of comfort as well as good value for money.
In terms of price, although it might cost more than a room or suite, expenses are split among the group.
Most of the villas can accommodate a minimum of 4 individuals. The majority of villas on the island consist of a number of comfortable bedrooms, a sitting room that is usually separated from the dining room, a roomy kitchen, a swimming pool, and a terrace. Occasionally they may be equipped with a serene garden and parking space. Most of them are two-story buildings.
Depending on the location they can also be graced with beautiful sea views.
Lastly, due to their considerable size, they are regarded as a fitting holiday option for travelers that want to spend time relaxing and dining at home.


❤ Some hotel recommendations for families:
Poseidon (Golden Beach) • Golden Beach Hotel (Golden Beach) • Blue and Sea (Drios) • Acquamarina (New Golden Beach) • Acron (Kolymbithres) • Paros Palace (Parikia)

Many locations balance out the bustling atmosphere and provide ideal conditions for a peaceful family vacation, full of sunshine and seaside fun.
Units specifically designed for families are available for all budgets, from luxury resorts and villas to budget-friendly facilities.
These units include rooms with multiple single beds or interconnected bedrooms. All the essential amenities are provided, as well as breakfast and special childcare services that can be arranged in advance. These options are mostly located in Parikia and Naoussa, but they can also be found at beachfront places all around Paros.
Pricing for family rooms of 4 starts at 100-150 € for budget options, 150-300€ for the affordable luxury tier, and 300€ for luxury hotels.
To get special offers and bundles, it is highly recommended to book a few months in advance.


❤ Our recommendations:
Bethlehem (Parikia) • Alexandra’s Rooms (Livadia) • MerSea (Parikia) • White Blossom (Parikia) • Pandrossos (Parikia) • Nautilus (Parikia)

Without a doubt, central options offer the most convenient kind of accommodation. This category features complexes that are mostly found in the heart of the main villages, only a few steps away from cozy cocktail bars and vibrant clubs that are part of the island's vibrant party scene.
Most of them are housed in beautifully renovated Cycladic buildings with a subtle design and they offer all the essential amenities and services.
The prices are anywhere from low to moderate, depending on the month you visit. The proximity to nightlife hotspots, mini markets, restaurants, and bus stops makes up for the lack of sea views.
It is always wise to book a few months in advance since they are very popular among young travelers who arrive en masse.


❤ Our recommendations:
Diplos (Livadia) • Alexandra’s Rooms (Livadia) • Casa Di Roma (Parikia) • Flora & Angelos (Boutari) • Lalos (Parikia) • Akteon (Logaras)

Budget-friendly options are abundant around the island, although most of them are situated in Parikia and Livadia bay.
They provide all the essential amenities for your comfort, such as air-conditioning and WiFi, although breakfast is usually not included.
Budget options are very popular among backpackers and young people who seek simple lodging to spend the night while using the rest of their time to explore the island.
For budget options, start looking at family-run studios and apartments or small structures, most of which keep up with the latest standards through decent yearly renovations.
Depending on the amenities available, budget rooms cost from 50 to 100 € per night.
Around ¼ of the offer has been categorized as budget-friendly and early booking is a must for summertime visitors.


❤ Our recommendations:
Holiday Sun (Pounda) • Paros Surfing Beach (Santa Maria) • Seesoo (Pounda) • Silver Rocks (New Golden Beach) • Ciel Villas (Pounda) • Acquamarina Resort (New Golden Beach)

If you are a watersport enthusiast, facilities near the famous kitesurfing and windsurfing hotspots of Paros are a must for an unforgettable stay.
For windsurfing fans, options near New Golden Beach or Santa Maria bay are equally good, with close proximity to the seashore that will allow you to join the windsurfing community easily.
Similarly, for kitesurfing enthusiasts, the best lodging area is certainly Pounda, the island's biggest kitesurfing hotspot.
In addition to their traditional Cycladic style, this category offers top-notch amenities and facilities at moderate prices.
For a small extra fee, it is possible to book bundles for groups or individuals that include sessions at the local water sports facilities. The sports centers in these areas offer high-quality equipment to participants and provide guidance for all levels.
If you plan on visiting during the high season, and especially in August, when kitesurfing and windsurfing events and competitions are organized, booking early is a must as lodgings tend to reach full capacity.




Paros is located only a few nautical miles west of Naxos and it is the third most popular Cycladic destination after Santorini and Mykonos.

Its shimmering beaches and picturesque villages full of whitewashed houses are the reason why Paros has always been an appealing destination to Greeks and foreigners alike.
However, during the past two decades, the island's tourist infrastructure has grown considerably.
New tourist facilities have constantly been emerging and finding a place to stay on the island has become fairly easy.

Numerous options are available all around the island, including resorts, villas, apartments, rooms, studios, and B&Bs.
When it comes to design, many options have a traditional Cycladic style, while others follow a modern approach the Cycladic aesthetics.

The island's facilities are suitable for all types of holidays.
Budget-friendly options with a cozy atmosphere that are suitable for families are available everywhere on the island.
This hotel type is also ideal for young people since Paros is known for being a favorite among Greek college students and high-school graduates.

For a more lavish approach, unique design hotels, posh villas, and luxury suites are also offered.
With the creation of luxury complexes that include top-notch restaurants, Paros has managed to encourage the growth of facilities that target luxury holiday-makers.
Many celebrities, influencers, politicians, and journalists from all around Europe have been showing attention to the island.

Note that most hotels bear a Greek National Tourism Organization certification for full compliance with the official accommodation guidelines and standards.




When should I book my hotel?

The sooner the better. If you are traveling in July-mid September better complete your reservation by May at the latest.

Where can I book my hotel? is an online traveling guide about Greece and the Greek islands operating since 1999. We have hand-picked the best hotels on the island and have included them and presented them on our website. By clicking the “Book online” button, you will either, in case of affiliate links*, be redirected to and will handle your reservation or in case of sponsored links, you will be redirected to the official hotel website, where the hotel will handle the reservation. In both cases, there is no extra fee charged to you for this. * pays a small commission to us for every booking which helps us to continue our qualitative work and provide you with the best possible information.

Is there another way to make a hotel reservation?

You can contact the hotel by phone or mail. In some cases, you might find some cheaper rates but it is not recommended.

What types of accommodation are available?

You can basically find all types. More specifically there are typical hotels, Luxury Resorts, Boutique Hotels, Villas and Suites, Rooms to let, BnBs and Campings.

Is accommodation expensive?

It depends on the type you are looking for and the location. The majority are considered affordable luxury options and price range of 100€-200 € /night during high season. Of course, there are many budget options.

Where are the most luxury hotels and villas located?

They are mostly found in Naoussa and the wider region.

How much does accommodation cost?

Depends on many factors. An average estimation without including Luxury Resorts and Villas, for 2 persons would be around 70-130 euros/per night in high season.

What are the best locations if you are travelling on a budget?

You can find cheap options (50-100euros/per night) mostly in Parikia.

What are the best locations for a family with children?

Paros is a family-friendly destination. Many families prefer Naoussa, Drios, and Aliki.

What are the best locations if you are traveling for windsurfing/kitesurfing?

Pounda is the place to book your hotel if you are traveling for kitesurfing and New Golden Beach is the place to stay for windsurfers.