Holiday in Paros

As the days get brighter and the summer approaches, it is always pleasant to think about a seaside vacation in warm, shimmering bays with the soothing sound of waves enhancing the scenery. One of the most idyllic places for seaside fun and entertaining exploration is the island of Paros, sitting at the center of the Aegean Sea. The picturesque, whitewashed villages, the exquisite cuisine, the Parian golden shores and the bustling party scene are only part of the places and activities one can indulge in while visiting Paros. Thousands of travelers have been visiting this vivid Cycladic island in the past decades and have helped its tourist facilities and sea sports scene flourish, thus expanding its multifaceted character

Getting well-acquainted with Paros and its features is essential when considering spending your vacation there. As your convenience and time are important to us, a brief and precise travel guide of the mesmerizing Cycladic island has been composed to facilitate planning the Paros 2023 itinerary.
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How to organize your holiday in Paros? Find all your answers below:
Step 1: Arriving at Paros; selecting the best route
Step 2: Accommodation; booking the perfect stay
Step 3: Car Rental; enjoy the island at your own pace
Step 4: Uncovering the island's beauty; Natural, Historical and Folklore Aspects
Step 5: Available Tours & Activities; add a fun twist to your vacation
Step 6: Dining in Paros; savor local delicacies & international cuisine


Get to Paros

Arriving at Paros; selecting the best route

Starting the planning with the standard traveling procedures is the easiest way to go. Paros is one of the most popular Greek destinations and this is greatly facilitated by its National Airport and the busy ferry port of Parikia town.

By plane: For travelers who prefer a fast and tranquil route, a flight to the capital of Athens and a transit flight to Paros are highly recommended. The airport is located about 10 km from the Parian capital. Also, a direct flight to Mykonos or Santorini is recommended since Paros is only a short ferry ride away.

By ferry: Alternatively, for travelers who want to experience more during their journey, a ferry route from the Athenian ports (Piraeus or Rafina - depending on the selected travel date) is the best option. The port of Parikia is frequented daily by ferries from Athens and the Aegean islands, bustling with travelers throughout the visiting season. Most ferries boast passenger cabins and vehicle garage space for an additional fee, with superfast vessels being the main exception. Most ferry companies provide e-tickets, facilitating the boarding process.

Book your ferry tickets through our Awarded Ferry Service and Skyscanner for flights and make the most out of your holidays in Paros!


Paros Hotels

Accommodation; booking the perfect stay

Paros is a flourishing Cycladic island with an excellent variety of accommodation options, from lavish seaside resorts and upscale villas to budget-friendly hotels and aesthetically designed lodgings. Depending on the tier and the vacation style that resonates with you, Paros offers flexibility and comfort. The main towns of Parikia and Naoussa accommodate most travelers as they are robust with establishments like bars, clubs and restaurants. They also offer frequent and convenient transportation via buses to the rest of the island. Central, cost-effective hotels are very popular with young people, while the town outskirts host posh villas and upscale hotels that are ideal for honeymooners and couples. Moreover, for families, groups of friends, or couples who value privacy and tranquility, accommodations in smaller villages and seaside settlements are excellent choices.

With more than 70 highly recommended hotels and villas, we invite you to take a detailed look at the available accommodations in Paros and choose the one befitting your ideal vacation.
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Paros Car rental

Car Rental; enjoy the island at your own pace

The most convenient way of exploring the splendid island of Paros is by renting a vehicle at an advantageous price. Cars and motorcycles are the best options if you hanker for a comfortable drive around the island. Travelers who prefer going off-road or want to park their vehicle near the sandy shores stress-free should consider a quad bike. Paros is not as steep as other Cycladic islands, and the ring road covers the majority of settlements and points of interest. Another great tip is to take your vehicle with you when island hopping to other Cycladic islands for a faster and more comfortable trip around them.

Book your car rental with us hassle-free and enjoy your best vacation in Paros.

Book your car rental with us hassle-free and enjoy your best vacation in Paros.


Paros Things to do

Uncovering the island's beauty; Natural, Historical and Folklore Aspects

Paros is a Cycladic island with pristine sandy shores that expand along the coastline and the azure Aegean softly caressing them. Most excellent beaches allow an ongoing adventure while visiting them for some proper unwinding at the aesthetic beach bars and the rejuvenating waters. Discover the famous Punda, Chryssi Akti, Piso Livadi, the rocky Kolymbithres and the unparalleled Santa Maria. To avoid the tourist crowds, the hidden gems of Monastiri, Parasporos, Aliki, and Drios bays, among others, are ideal for a serene day by the sea.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to explore the vivid main towns of Naoussa and Parikia for their party scene, high-end restaurants, stylish cocktail bars and hidden traditional taverns. For a more authentic approach to Paros, we invite you to get acquainted with the traditional villages, like Lefkes and Drios, and interact with the locals. Sprinkle some sightseeing of the Parian history in your itinerary for an enhanced stay.

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Paros tours & cruises

Available Tours & Activities; add a fun twist to your vacation

When visiting Paros, it is highly recommended to indulge in the adrenaline-fueled sea sports of windsurfing and kitesurfing. The seasonal meltemi wind creates the perfect weather conditions for a steady wind supply for these activities in Punda and New Golden Beach, among others. There are various other physical activities available around Paros, like hiking, biking tours, scuba diving, and snorkeling sessions, to name a few.

Moreover, Paros offers a plethora of well-structured day boat trips to nearby Cycladic islands at moderate pricing. Such excursions are highly recommended for vacations longer than 4 days, as visitors can successfully get acquainted with the wonders of Paros before proceeding to the exploration of other islands.

Take a more detailed look at all available tours and activities and book the best ones for an unforgettable Greek summertime.


Paros restaurants

Dining; savor local delicacies & international cuisine

Paros is an island that can accommodate all palates. It boasts excellent Greek restaurants and taverns, with Parian appetizers, traditional recipes, and fresh and succulent seafood. Only the finest produce is used for the dishes served in its upscale restaurants and cozy family taverns, harvested from the island or imported from nearby areas in Greece. It is highly recommended to spend a day or two exploring the culinary uniqueness of Paros, as it also features a variety of international restaurants, with Thai, Chinese and Italian cuisine, among others. Take a more detailed look at the best restaurants to start your flavor trip.

Book your tickets, charge your camera, prepare your favorite summer outfits, and get ready for your upcoming summer holidays in Paros!