Silence Of The Fish (Sigi Ikthios)

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Naoussa, Paros
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The Silence of the Fish (“Sigi Ihthios” in Greek) is a beautiful restaurant located on a cobblestone promenade along the quaint harbor of Naoussa, where tiny fishing vessels are moored.

The cuisine of the restaurant is mainly Greek and while it serves a wide choice of traditional Greek dishes, some of the classic dishes have been given a modern twist. The fish is fresh from the net and tasty. If you are not looking for traditional Greek food, there is a choice of simple veggies with grilled meat or fish. The rice dishes with either vegetables or meat (chicken or pork) are hugely popular among the guests and so are the tender beef fillet cooked in the local Mavrodafni wine or in Samos wine and served with fresh vegetables.

Some of the other popular items on the menu include risotto, moussaka, souvlaki, tzatziki, and the eggplant dip. Homemade desserts include banana coffee cream pie, chocolate mousse and strawberry coffee cream pie. The food at the Silence of the Fish is as close to one can get to a home cooked food.

The restaurant even allows guests to take a walk through the kitchen to see how the food is prepared. Sigi Ikthios is owned by Yiannis Zoumis, who personally oversees the running of the restaurant. The master chief is Uri, who continually innovates traditional recipes and evolves new dishes to create an interesting and diverse menu. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner.

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