Paros Marchello beach

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General information

Marchello in Paros is one of the most famous on the island. It is located in the bay of Parikia and faces the capital of the island. It is the continuation of Krios, an equally well-known beach hosting one of the camping sites of the island, which explains the large number of bathers on both beaches in the summer.
In general, Marchello is among the youth's favorites and the beach bars with loud music play a major role in this.

Marchello is divided into two sub-beaches. The first part is the organized area on the eastern side of the coast, with umbrellas, sunbeds, establishments, and even a beach volleyball court.
The other part is the unspoiled one on the west side of the beach. There are no facilities or equipment and guests lay their towels to enjoy the sun. That side is ideal for those looking for more tranquility, and also hides some smaller secluded coves.

The road to Marchello beach is in good condition, and guests can even reach it on foot in about 45 minutes (starting from Parikia). However, the most fun way to go there is by boarding one of the boats that depart from the port of Parikia and take visitors to the beach. The crossing is short and the ticket is cheap.

Marchello Map

Explore our interactive map of Marchello.


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