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Paros Luxury hotels

Best Luxury Hotels

One of the finest ways to experience the hospitality of Paros is by staying at a top-tier, luxury hotel. The establishments of this category ensure pristine design and architecture with unique styles and emphasis on comfort. In their majority they consist of revamped or recently built Cycladic buildings, with cubic shape and whitewashed walls that reflect the sunlight. They convert vast spaces into lavish resorts, hotels or villas, typically spread out between carefully paved and concrete pathways and verdant gardens. They also feature at least one outdoor pristine swimming pool as the pivotal point of their facilities. Elegant pool bars, in-lot acclaimed restaurants with undisturbed sea vistas, spacious well-furnished sun terraces and even private beach parts with sunbeds are at the guests’ disposal. Another excellent aspect of luxury accommodation in Paros is the pricing; unlike its more bustling Cycladic sisters of Mykonos and Santorini, travellers can experience unparalleled pampering and services starting at 200€ per night. Furthermore, about ⅓ of Parian lodging options are listed under the luxury category, ensuring that a great portion of visitors can conveniently enjoy their lavish perks during the tourist season. Numerous luxury hotels and villas can be found in and around the vivid Naoussa and all over the island. Make sure to book them early in advance as they are sought after, with no vacancies during summer.

Our recommendations for luxury hotels:

Parilio (Naoussa Livadia)
Summer Senses (Logaras beach)
Naoussa Hills (Naoussa)
Bohemian Luxury Hotel (Naoussa)
White Dunes Luxury Suites (Santa Maria)


Affordable Luxury hotels

Best Affordable Luxury Hotels

In this category, travellers get to enjoy the perks of luxury-tier amenities, facilities and services with a small compromise to their balcony view or the size of their room. Boutique hotels lead in this tier, providing great value bundles for their less view-wise privileged units. Recently renovated rooms, with equally stylish design and every essential and lavish amenity included can be booked for as low as 100 to 200 € per night. A great portion of accommodation options in Paros fall in the affordable luxury tier (almost ½ of them), which translates into significant savings for their guests. They can be found in the main towns of Parikia and Naoussa, as well as near the beachfront in Drios, Golden Beach, Aliki areas among others. It is recommended to book them early in advance, especially if you plan on visiting during high season.

Our recommendations for affordable luxury hotels:

White Blossom (Parikia)
Villa Kelly (Naoussa)
Anemomylos Residence (Naoussa)
Parian Village (Livadia)
Glyfa Village (Glyfa)
Golden Beach Hotel (Golden Beach)


Beachside hotels

Best Hotels near the beach

For travellers who want to experience Paros in a more relaxed and peaceful way, booking the accommodation near the beachfront is a fantastic idea; not only does it combine a serene settlement and various seaside activities, it is also suitable for many types of visitors. Quite popular with families and couples, these lodgings are mostly found in Livadia, Golden Beach (Chryssi Akti), Aliki, Drios and Piso Livadi among others. They are either on the beach or less than 5 minutes from it on foot. Traditional taverns and local product shops can also be found in a small radius around the hotels, a very convenient attribute. Booking a rental vehicle is recommended when staying near the seafront, for a flexible transportation around Paros. The hotels abide by the Cycladic architecture and design and are popular among families. Book your stay a few months in advance for stress-free arrangements.

Our recommendations for Hotels near the beach consist of:

Golden Beach Hotel (Golden Beach)
Amaryllis Beach Hotel (Golden Beach)
Tarsa Studios (Drios)
Glyfa Village (Glyfa)
Nissiotiko Hotel (Drios)
Kalypso (Naoussa)


Family hotels

Best Family Hotels

Paros is both cosmopolitan and a family-friendly Cycladic destination; having created an excellent balance between its bustling and serene aspects, it is highly recommended to visit the island with your young ones for some Greek sunshine and seaside fun. Family-oriented units can be found in every budgetary tier, from cost-effective hotels to luxury resorts and villas. Units of this category feature either two separate interconnected bedrooms or a spacious single bedroom with separate double or single beds. They include every essential amenity and include breakfast, while special childcare arrangements can be made beforehand for a smooth stay. They are located mainly in Parikia and Naoussa but also by the beachfront, all around Paros. A usual price range for a family of four in every tier on average can be about: 100-150 € for the budget-friendly tier, 150-300€ for the affordable luxury tier and above 300€ per night in the luxury tier. It is highly recommended to book them a few months in advance for great value offers and bundles.

Our recommendations for family hotels:

Poseidon of Paros (Golden Beach)
Golden Beach Hotel (Golden Beach)
Acquamarina Resort (New Golden Beach)
Acron Villas (Kolymbithres)
Paros Palace (Parikia)


Central Hotels

Best Central Hotels

Another ultra convenient accommodation category in Parikia, are undoubtedly the central hotels. Just as their name indicates, they are mostly found in the heart of town, only a few steps from the party scene and the cozy cocktail bars and vibrant clubs. They are beautifully renovated Cycladic buildings with unique and subtle design, well-equipped with the essential amenities and services. While compromising on the sea view, they balance it out with their convenience in proximity not only to the nightlife hotspots but also to the local bus stops (thus saving on the rental vehicle costs), mini markets and excellent dining spots. It is always wise to book central accommodation a few months in advance as they are very popular with young travellers that visit in groups. The pricing is budget-friendly to moderate, depending on the visiting month.

Our recommendations for central hotels:

MerSea Apartments (Parikia)
White Blossom (Parikia)
Pandrossos Hotel (Parikia)
Nautilus Apartments (Parikia)


Budget Hotels

Best Budget Hotels

The great thing about Paros is the versatility it provides travellers with when it comes to its accommodation. Budget-friendly options are abundant around the island and many are situated around Parikia and Livadia bay. They provide every essential amenity, air-conditioning and Wi-Fi in all units but usually do not include breakfast. The rooms are oriented towards practicality, with small kitchenettes or refrigeration provided, while the interior decor may be a bit outdated with no overly expensive furnishing. They are very popular among backpackers and young people who seek a simple lodging to spend the night while spending the day outdoors. The cost-effective hotels and studios are usually family-run, very clean and with moderate renovations every year to keep up to today’s standards. The rooms are priced on average at 50 to 100 € per night, depending on the provided amenities. About ¼ of Paros’ accommodation options are budget-friendly; booking them a few months in advance for summertime is recommended.

Our recommendations for budget hotels:

Diplos Studios (Livadia)
Alexandra’s Rooms (Livadia)
Casa Di Roma (Parikia)
Lalos Rooms (Parikia)
Akteon Hotel (Logaras)


Windsurfing Kitesurfing Hotels

Best hotels for Kitesurfing & Windsurfing

For the sea sports enthusiasts, accommodation located near the sports hotspots of Paros is a key element in an unforgettable stay. For windsurfing fans, a hotel near New Golden Beach or Santa Maria bay is equally ideal, as the proximity to the seashores allows guests to feel part of the windsurfing community.
Accordingly, for kitesurfing enthusiasts the best lodging area is certainly near Punda (Pounda) bay which is the sport’s hotspot in Paros. Top-notch amenities and facilities are provided at moderate prices, with the hotels abiding by the traditional Cycladic architecture. Every essential amenity and service is included, while arrangements for each sport can also be facilitated from the establishments for a small extra fee. In these areas, certified sports centers offer high-quality equipment to participants, professional sessions and guidance in different levels (from beginner to advanced) and can offer great value bundles for solo participants or groups. If you plan on visiting during high season and especially August when the kitesurfing and windsurfing events and contests happen, it is strongly recommended to book your stay in advance, as they tend to get fully booked.

Our recommendations for Windsurfing & Kitesurfing hotels:

Holiday Sun Hotel (Pounda)
Paros Surfing Beach (Santa Maria)
Seesoo (Pounda)
Silver Rocks (New Golden Beach)
Ciel Villas (Pounda)
Acquamarina Resort (New Goldeb Beach)