Naxos Mili (or Myloi)

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General information

Located 9 km east of Naxos Town, Mili is a small traditional settlement named after the nearby watermills of Melanes. The charming village has a two-digit number of permanent residents and is divided into Kato Mili (Lower Mills), Mesi Mili (Middle Mills), and Pano Mili (Upper Mills).

The traditional houses of the village have been built among dense greenery. A refreshing stream flows through the area, making it even more heavenly. A visit to Mili will feel like a trip to the past, where you can meet the most authentic side of Naxos!

The traditional architecture of Naxos has been perfectly preserved in the settlement. Walking around the village, you will discover abandoned houses but also a few that are freshly painted in bright colors and adorned with small gardens. In particular, Kato Mili is the oldest neighborhood and features low houses with two rooms and a courtyard, mostly forsaken. Mesi Mili has five or six houses and an alleyway. Pano Mili is the liveliest district since that's where most of the few inhabitants live. Take your time to notice the structure of the traditional houses and spot the old wood-fired ovens!

After strolling around the village, drop by to visit the traditional Cafe "I Koukouvagia kai o Mastoras", where you will have the chance to meet the locals while having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and something to eat. The establishment offers homemade delicacies you have to try!

Within a short distance from the village, you will discover the archaeological site of Flerio and the famous Kouros statue, which can be reached on foot from the hiking path that starts at Pano Mili.

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