Boat cruise in the South-Eastern coast

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Duration: 2 hours
Depart: Naxos
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General Description

In this special tour, participants will have the ability to embark on an exciting 2-hour boat cruise to the charming small ports of the southeastern part of Naxos. The tour starts off from the bay of Panermos, where you can get the tickets from the snack bar on spot. The lovely boat “Gialitissa” will continue on to seven charming bays that are located in the southeastern part of the island, in a route that will dazzle you with the view of the turquoise transparent waters and the breathtaking Cycladic shores. The bays visited are Aghia Triada, Lakkos, Xekofto, Andrious, Spedo, Papagianni and Rhina – the last one is where you will be the most surprised, as we will visit the notorious “Rhina’s cave”, a breathtaking sea cave where numerous bird species find nest, while there is also a refreshing spring with running waters.

In case you would like to stay at a certain bay longer, you always have the option of catching the next itinerary. The itineraries are conducted from June to September on a daily basis, on 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00 respectively. The general admission fee is 8 euros, while for children up to 7 years of age the fee is at 5 euros.

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