Naxos Marble quarries

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Location: Kinidaros

Naxos is one of the rich with marble deposits on islands of the Aegean Sea, known since ancient times as artifacts as old as the Neolithic Ages have been uncovered in the nearby area.

The Naxian marble is nowadays commercially known as Naxos Crystallina. Due to its unique nature, it has been highly preferred by sculptors and builders through the ages, used in ancient Greek temples, Protocycladic and Cycladic sculptures and monuments.
Those pieces are still found in their original locations (considering temples) and all around the island of Naxos as well as the surrounding islands.

It is very interesting how simply one area on Naxos has been the natural resource of its fine marble through many millenia; that is the location including five mountains near Kinidaros village.
The settlement stands at an altitude of 400m above sea level, about 15km from Naxos Town.
The quarry locations of the special marble found in the vicinity of Kinidaros are namely Sanidas (the oldest operating), Zas (not to be confused with Mt. Zas), Bolimbas (the largest visible from the road towards the village), Sriracha, Amelathious and Skaretzou (the latter ones are currently inactive).
The aforementioned marble quarries are only 7km away from the ancient quarry at Flerio area.

The marble of Naxos is highly prized due to its less porous nature, translating into more durability against erosion and staining. Additional characteristics enhance it, such as its rarity, its sparkle and crystallization thanks to its 2% quartz and 98% calcite composition that makes it gleam in the light.
It has been used in numerous ancient artifacts along with modern ones.



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