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Location: Abram

The Tower of Agia in Naxos Greece, Cyclades: Located at the area of Agia, in the northern part of Naxos island, the renowned Tower of Agia is an edifice of special historic interest.
The tower is easily accessible as it is situated near the coastal road, just 6 miles before arriving at the village of Apollonas from the Chora of Naxos, while its strategic location provides a spectacular view to the Aegean Sea.

The exact year of its resurgence is not known, however, it is estimated that the imposing tower was built during the 17th century and is an architectural example of the post-Byzantine era.
Following the tradition of other buildings of the tower genre that were extensively built around the Cyclades during the years of the Venetian and Ottoman sovereignty, the tower of Agia was originally the resort home of the Kokkoi family.
At that time, wealthy families would retreat to summer houses from late spring until late autumn, followed by servants who would take up the household and agricultural operations.

The seemingly remote location of the tower is not irrelevant, as towers were usually built in places that would not be easily accessible in case of pirate attack so to ensure the protection of the residents - as well as the best possible supervision of the sea. In the surrounding area, one can find remainings of the old oil press and warehouses, while the tower itself is in a semi-ramshackle state, due to a fire that severely destroyed its interior in 1992.

The original building was made of Naxian stone and was not elaborately decorated. It featured three levels, and visitors can still enter to the second floor through a steep staircase. The floors were wooden, using “fida”, a species of wild cypress that has soundproof qualities. In a small distance, built at an altitude of 220 meters, visitors can also see the Monastery of Agia, which is dedicated to the Holy Mary.

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The Tower of Agia is located in Abram.

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