Promponas Wine Liquer in Naxos, Chora (main town)

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Location: Town

Promponas is the landmark of Naxos holding a long tradition in the production of wine, liqueur and a variety of other local products that the island is famous for. Promponas winery was founded in 1915 producing the best local Naxos liqueur Kitron.

The liqueur comes from the fruit and leaves of the citron tree leaves that belong to the same family as the lemon tree, although, it takes out a more piquant taste and flavor. For almost a century Promponas uses the same traditional method preserving the original flavor and taste of the island’s local drink. Out of a huge collection of citron leaves, they choose carefully the ones used to produce their liqueurs.

The store also offers a great selection of wines made from a special variety of grapes known for their strong flavor. There have both red and white wines produced in different mountainous regions of Naxos and actually, Promponas is the only one to produce bottled wines on the island.

The fertile soil of Naxos offers great varieties of fruits used to make spoon sweets reviving the traditional recipes that their ancestors used. The sweets are made without chemicals thus they are preserved for a long time in syrup. Promponas offers many treats that you can buy as a gift for your loved ones. The shop is located on the waterfront just a few meters from the main port.





1 Reviews

  • Chandrasekaran Nagarajan 28 Aug 2021
    Good shop but lousy customer service
    I visited this shop with my family last month when in Naxos Chora, we were quite enamoured by the shop, mainly due to the variety of liquor they had in store and display. It started off well at the beginning, the welcome was good and we were given a sample of their liquor to taste but then it turned to impatience and somewhat rude because we took our time to look around and ask a lot of questions (which is normal when you are trying to understand their products) and ran out of patience and we could sense from their language that we had outlived our welcome! We did buy some liquor as we quite liked the taste, but then they should really improve their customer service and behaviour, especially when one is not from Greece, does not understand their language and their products and just would like to know before indulging, this is something that we came across quite some places in Greece with regards to their customer service, patience in serving their customers, timeliness and comprehension. We were interested to visit their distillery but after this experience, we decided not to.