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Category: Naxos Restaurants > Il Girasole

Naxos has the best restaurants in Greece, I'm pretty sure. When you start checking all of them in the port, at the end you won't know which one was the best, because the food is absolutely marvelous in most of them. They are all elegant, with organic food, majestic, with greatly looking dishes and plates.

As far as I remember, my best meal was exactly in this restaurant, Il Girasole. I was beyond content with my pasta, and my boyfriend was super-content with his meat and other things he ordered. Everything had perfect taste, looked perfect, we had big portions, and the service was on top- the girl that served was warm, happy, polite, optimistic and very nice. Warm recommendation.


The best Greek island
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Category: Naxos General

Before my trip to Naxos, I would never ever even think about going there. Although big, I had no info or idea about this island.
What a surprise it was when I went there! Nice beaches, tons of landmarks to visit, beautiful town and some other villages, wonderful, absolutely wonderful people, and, what I really liked the most, Naxos is like a country-island. It's a complete functioning system!

What I liked the most? The food. Why? Because it's "organic". They produce fruits, vegetables, have cattle and sheep all over the island (you can smell it when you drive), so you get their natural milk in your ice cream, great Naxos potatoes, salads.... everything is local, fresh, healthy and great!
I recommend you to first visit Naxos, and then all the other islands in Greece.

Wonderful port, nice walks, nice weather....

You can rent car for cheap and off for adventure :)

Naxos town is probably the most beautiful Cycladic town, at least for me. We had immense walks and never got tired.


Naxos landmark
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Category: Naxos Sightseeing > Portara

Portara gives Naxos a mysterious, dreamy and ancient touch. You look at it from the town, standing alone on the hill, and walk there through a stone path on which the waves crash from all sides. View from the top of the hill is magnificent, and not only Naxos town, but also the sunset and, on first place for me, waves crashing and spending itself all around.
Small warning: be careful if you decide to walk to Portara during night, because there is no light on the road, and you may get splashed by big waves, because you cannot see them.


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Category: Naxos Sightseeing > Kastro

I was completely stunned by Naxos, and I can say the same for its fortification part. The complete old town is beautiful, ancient, funny, strange, magnificent and original. I could walk here for ages.
Nice tower, nice surroundings, nice museums, streets, houses... Everything is stunning!


Nice collection
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Category: Naxos Museums > Venetian Museum

I was surprised to see there are almost no photos of this museum, so I included few, although they are of very bad quality.
Not much to say here - very nice place, rich collection, informative and a must during your visit to old town.
Karavias family keeps it intact and preserved and it's an informative showing of way of living back then.


A little abandoned but great place
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Category: Naxos Sightseeing > Temple Of Demeter

The "original" Temple of Demeter was built in 6th BC. The temple was a ruin for ages, but recently, it was discovered that most of its parts are still "alive", so it was reconstructed, plastered... and we have the result we have.
The place is very nice, with long path surrounded by trees leading to it, and church and very cute museum (which was closed at the time of our visit).
The temple is in the middle of nowhere, with practically no signs. I'm not sure about the bus tours, but if you have rented a car, you'll find it pretty easily, and then you can continue for a trekking on Zeus mountain. :)


Rich collection
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Category: Naxos Museums > Archaeological Museum

I was surprised to see such rich collection. Compared to Milos, where you need five minutes for whole museum, Naxos archaeological museum is rich in exhibits, history and explanations.
My warm recommendation, for both educational purposes and admiration.
This area has great quantity of archaeological excavations which will show you its rich history and way of life.


The best thing ever
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Category: Naxos Outdoor Activities > Trekking in Mount Zas

Do it, do it and do it!
Sneakers, sweatpants and do it!
It is worth every drop of sweat!
When you get to the top of the mountain and see complete Naxos around you, and sea surrounding you, you will cry!
Please, be aware that this is not for kids. After the cave (which is nice, btw, but you don't have any light inside, so bring flashlights with you; this is not a maintained cave), you practically won't have any paths, but a lot of slippery rocks on a steep surface. It requires skill, balance and being fit.
For those who never did trekking and so on, follow the red circles/dots/signs which you'll have here and there, hardly visible, but they will show you your way.
Wonderful experience!


Nice place
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Category: Naxos Sightseeing > Melanes Kouros Statue

At first, we didn't plan to visit any of Kouros statues due to lack of time, but we saw a sign for Melanes Kouros on our way back from Zeus, so we decided to stop by.
There is a nice path, sort of in the woods, leading to upwards path that leads to the statue, so it made it a mysterious place. The statue is just ok. Don't expect to stay there more than five minutes. If it's not on your way and you don't have time, no need to come. But if you have car and go to Zeus, for example, stop by.


Very very nice
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Category: Naxos Restaurants > Trattoria Da Susanna

From the restaurants listed on Greeka, I visited two of them, plus one "snack bar".
Susanna was the first thing my boyfriend and me visited, because it was recommended to us as the best place in the world, with the best pizza in the world.

I ate pasta here (pesto), with some additional appetizers and sweets, and my boyfriend took pizza.
I was beyond content, with both service and food. The waiters know excellent English, they are educated, polite, of broad culture, and stop by each table for a chat. I was very happy with their manners, communication and complete service.
My food was awesome, perfectly done and I liked it a lot.

My boyfriend took one of their pizzas (and this is where the recommendation is), and he had a mixed feelings about it, but I'm sure it was him and not the restaurant. He just took very heavy pizza, with a lot of heavy meat (sausage, this and that, 4 types of meat) + heavy cheese... He took the heaviest possible pizza there and it's normal to feel sick after you eat it all. :)

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