Study for reconstruction of Chimaros Tower

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Chimaros Tower, a point of reference for Naxos along with the ancient gate of Portara, has taken approval for reconstruction by the Central Archaeological Council. According to the architectural study, the external side of the monument is in very good condition, but this is not the case for the internal side, which is about to collapse. This tower had three floors, connected with a stair of marble steps that led upstairs to the tower roof. Further support of the collapsed internal parts of the tower is needed as well as protection from rains and thunders, while roof and floors will be added.

In 2011, this monument was declared an archaeological site along with two side Byzantine churches and a part of the ancient path. This tower is located on the south eastern side of Naxos island, in the middle way between the sea and Mount Zas, the tallest mountain of Naxos, on a spot between two streams.

The round Chimaros Tower in Naxos is among the three tallest existing monuments of this type and distinguishes for the impressive height of 15m (originally 17m tall). It was built in the late 4th or early 3rd century BC for defensive reasons, like many other towers of this type in the Aegean islands. Similar towers that survive today are the Tower of Agios Petros in Andros island and the Tower of Agia Marina in Kea island.