My Greek Kitchen

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Tonia Buxton is in Naxos in Greece for a lifestyle program. Known for its rugged mountains, fertile valleys and abundant produce, including olives, grapes, wine, figs, citrus and citron, a tangy liqueur, Naxos also offers 500 admirable Byzantine churches and monasteries that visitors can explore.
After setting up base in a local tavern, Tonia collects wine leaves for dolmades. Being a fairly mechanical process, it gives local women a chance to gossip while they roll and fold hundreds of these delicacies for weddings and feast days. Tonia's secret ingredient is cinnamon, which locals buy in bundles the length of garden stakes to keep in their wardrobes to ward off moths. She also visits a beautiful wood-fired citron distillery and a local pottery. After which she conjures up a sticky fig and walnut dessert.