Australian newspaper for Naxos

• Category: News
The Australian newspaper The Sunday Mail dedicated a long travel article for the Greek island of Naxos, including it among its best summer proposals. In fact, the article commented that Naxos has nothing to lack from the neighboring famous islands of Mykonos and Santorini and that, in fact, Naxos is a self-sufficient island with various impressive locales, a treasure of ancient and medieval sights and some of the best sandy beaches in Greece that make it the more attractive destination in the Cyclades. The article also describes Chora, the capital village of the island, and makes special references to Portara and the Archaeological Museum. At the end, the writer stresses out that many famous personalities loved this island, including Nikos Kazantzakis and Lord Byron, who describes it as "the island that seduces even gods". This publication in the Australian newspaper is not by chance at all, as every year the Australians choose Greece and the Greek islands as their second most favourite tourism destination.