Naxos Festival 2018

Jul 22, 2018 — Sep 18, 2018 • Category: Events

Naxos Festival is a popular festival in Naxos. It aims to support cultural tourism and boost the social life of the island. This year’s festival is taking place at Bazeos tower in the island of Naxos and will entertain the audience through various events!
Naxos Festival started back in 2001. Its intention was to highlight Bazeos tower, a monument built in 17th century, as a temple of art and culture. Its history is fascinating! It initially used to be a monastery, but in 19th century it was abandoned by the last monks and given to the newly founded Greek state.
The festival continues to be successfully organized through the years. Its philosophy is that culture needs free expression and must be linked to all aspects of every-day life. Many impressive cultural activities are included, such as theatrical and musical performances, art exhibitions and dance events.
Get ready, because this is an experience you shouldn't miss!
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