Naxos Festival 2009 in Bazeos Tower

Jul 18, 2009 — Aug 29, 2009 • Category: Events
The theme of this year's Festival of Naxos, organized by the managers of Bazeos Tower, has to do with the relationship of dancing and arts, their interdependence, their qualitative existance and how the inner world is combined to the outer environment. Naxos Festival 2009 includes many events that will start in July and will last till the end of August. Marios Bazeos and Stelios Krasanakis have organized a festival full of different and intersting events: lecturs, art exhibitions, theatre performances, music concerts. Most events will take place in Bazeos Tower, close to Agiassos village, 12 km from Chora, and in other rooms around the island. Schedule July 18th to September 3rd: Art Exhibition "Tower-Tower" of Nikos Aleksiou in Bazeos Tower. Nikos Aleksiou presents for the first time to the public works of at least 70, local and foreigners, artists. July 31st, Friday, 20.30: Classical Music Night in Kapella Casazza, the Catholic church in Kastro Chora, next to the Archaeological Museum, presenting works of Haydn, Handel, Mendelssohn and local composers Kalogeras and Oikonomou. August 1st, Saturday, 21.30: Musical Concert entitled "Night Garden" by Angeliki Ionnatou and Katerina Fotinaki. Two wonderful voices who interpret sogns of various styles and works of famous Greek and foreign poets. August 8th, Saturday, 20.00: Theatre for Kids, presentation of the Dutch fairytale "The day after tomorrow". August 10th, Saturday, 21.30: Musical Geography. Two lyric voices with an impressive style and vivid theatricality, Eleni and Souzana Vougioukli, present songs from many countries of the world. August 12th, Wednesday, 22.30: Landscapes of Jazz. Two Greeks and a Portugal musician present their pioneer music compositions inspired by jazz. August 16th, Sunday, 21.30: Theatrical Performance "Balance". Two people run in the plain air to hide from their shadows, in a game of balance without rules. August 19th, Sunday, 21.30: The Sonata of Moonlight, directed and interpreted by Roula Pateraki. This poetic monologue is accompanied by the music of Beethoven. August 29th, Saturday, 23.00: Interactive performance of George Sapountzis.