Kite Cross Tour

Jul 01, 2005 — Jul 03, 2005 • Category: Events
Bringing the interesting and highly entertaining sport of Kite Cross to the masses, the Kite Cross Tour takes off in a big way at Naxos on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 2005. Organized by Corona Extra and Mikri Vigla watersports, the event is an effort by organizers to bring professionals and amateurs to a common platform, be it man or woman. Being a spectator sport, Kite Cross is often mistaken to be as fun and easy to do, as it is to watch. In reality the tremendous skill of these boarders who have to maintain the perfect balance of speed, precise positioning and race planning, all while they are battling with speed and the obstacle course set up before them, is actually quite awe inspiring. Kite Cross is not the only attraction, though a major one, also a part of the event were other entertaining tricks such as down wind, the best trick category and much more. Expected to be heavily attended, the event intends to bring forth a new and unique concept, and manage to live up to its spirit of discovery and excitement that a Kite Cross Tour generally warrants. With two challenges set up for participants, including the Men’s championship title as well as Women’s Championship title and the prize money of 10,000 US $, the tour is going to be this summer’s hottest event.