12th Naxos Festival

Jul 28, 2012 — Aug 26, 2012 • Category: Events

The 12th Naxos Festival is starting in late July this year and events will last for all August. Greek and foreign artists will come to present their work in various venues in Naxos.

July 28th to September 2nd, 2012
Bazeos Tower Daily: 10.00-17.00 De-Meter-Ge (Terra Mater) is the title of a multidimensional visual arts exhibition that explores the archetypal depictions of Goddess Demeter, created by artists Miltos Pantelias and Irini Gonou.

Opening: Saturday, July 28th, at 20:30

Monday, July 30th
Bazeos Tower, 21:30
Days of the Light - unplugged Natassa Bofiliou, an extraordinary Greek singer, promises a magical atmosphere of sensitivity. Her songs will be accompanied by piano, cello and violin.

Thursday, August 2nd
Temple of Dionysus at Iria
Modern dance under the full moon Selene, La lune et ses mysteres: a dance solo choreographed and performed by Janet Amato.

Saturday, August 4th
Bazeos Tower, 21:30
Piano recital of Harald Ossberger and Christos Marantos in compositions for piano four hands by Mozart, Schumann, Franz Liszt, Herbert Lauermann and Periklis Liakakis. Free admission.

Wednesday, August 8th
Bazeos Tower, 21:30
Rainbows, Moons and Bicycles (RmB) Musical concert of Greek singer Elli Paspala, together with jazz virtuoso Takis Farazis on the piano.

Saturday, August 11th and Sunday, August 12th
Notos Club, Naxos Chora, 22:00
Sergio Blanco's Kassandra unreels her Odyssey in red shiny boots. She recounts in broken English our own search for meaning and hope. War, power, winners and losers, humor and sarcasm. Euripides and Bugs Bunny, Abba, Manchester United and Scarlett O' Hara. The distances between myth and reality, actor and spectator, space and speech, fall apart. A stand-up tragedy in simplified English!

Saturday, August 11th and Monday, August 13th
Bazeos Tower, 20:00
The Half-Cockerel: Puppet show for the younger friends of the festival.

Friday, August 17th
Bazeos Tower, 21:30
Mediterranean Sound 2012 Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma and Vassilis Rakopoulos successfully bridge completely different musical elements and approaches.

Sunday, August 26th
Bazeos Tower, 21:30
Moving Sounds Tara Bouman (clarinet, basset horn, bass clarinet) and Markus Stockhausen (trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn) play intuitive music, improvisations and compositions by both performers. After the events have finished, international seminars will take place in early September, regarding Intuitive Music, Commedia dell' Arte and the Dramatherapist and free musical improvisation.