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Town, Naxos
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Labyrinth Wine restaurant is a little joint present in the back lanes of the Old Town of Naxos. It is a popular tourist spot because of the traditional, Cycladic feel to it and also due to the fact that it is a wine restaurant which gives great importance to the conventional Mediterranean taste.

The restaurant is a wonderful little space and has a great feel to it. The interiors have a definite theme and light blue dominates the color scheme. The ambiance within is classy and the whole atmosphere makes one feel at home. Another attraction here is the picturesque yard which is perfect for some relaxation on a hot summer day.

The restaurant has different cuisines to offer to vary from the traditional Mediterranean to Modern Greek. The place gives a lot of importance to traditional tastes and it is a hot favorite amongst those looking for preparations using original recipes. One can enjoy a delightful meal inside the restaurant or sitting on the tables in the yard, surrounded by greenery. The food here is delectable and portions are reasonably priced. In fact, it is cheaper than most restaurants in Naxos as it is located little behind the waterfront taverns, bars and shops.

Labyrinth advertises itself as a wine restaurant and rightly so. One will find a fantastic wine cellar here with a great variety of wines from the Cyclades and all over Greece. One can sip on these wonderful drinks while enjoying some soulful music. The wines present here are truly unique and the music is a good blend of Jazz, Lounge, Blues, Ethnic and Greek. It is a place for some relaxation and perfect for those looking for a lazy day.

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