Naxos Waffle House Dessert in Chora (main town)

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Location: Town

Waffle House is beyond doubt the home of waffle! It is a fantastic place for delicious homemade ice creams offering an incredible choice of flavors, each one more exotic than the other.

The waffles are made with fresh products becoming thick and tasty that no one can resist. It is accompanied with 40 and more homemade ice cream flavors and chocolate decoration. You can combine your waffles with a nice coffee. Their brownies and milkshakes are particularly tasty.



Extra Features

  • Outdoor Seating




1 Reviews

  • ablutsauger 07 Dec 2015
    Very good
    There are soooo many good restaurants and snack bars in Naxos, but I don't see any of them on Greeka. Waffle house was the only place I visited from the things you listed.

    So, this is a place where you wait 30 mins in queue for the ice-cream. Very popular, with tons of customers. And I will just say that their ice cream is very good, many flavours, nicely done, but it's not that tremendously awesome for people to "kill" each other over it. And that's all. :)