Naxos nightlife, as in many Cyclades islands, is active and has a fantastic vibe. There are many bars in Naxos, with a variety of music options and a great number of delicious cocktail bars to enjoy an amazing night out. In Naxos, you can find lounge bars, beach bars, sophisticated bar restaurants but a limited choice of nightclubs.
The most famous spot for nightlife in Naxos is Chora. Naxos bars in Chora have a welcoming and vibrating atmosphere. They are found along the seafront or spread along the picturesque alleys of the Old Town. Spend your evening with a drink in a chic bar, overlooking the marvelous port and Paros just in front of you. Other popular nightlife locations are at the seaside resorts Saint George and Agia Anna with lovely beach bars that stay open until late at night.
What are the best Bars in Naxos? We have made a selection with the best 17 Bars in Naxos and marked our favorite ones with a ❤.

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