Why Visit Mykonos?

Mykonos is a unique, vibrant Greek island included in the top Greek summer destinations, as well as the best Mediterranean partying hotspots. Let’s take a look at the reasons Mykonos attracts millions of travellers annually, down below.

One of the best nightlife destinations

Mykonos boasts an amazing nightlife and party scene, one of the most acclaimed in the Mediterranean region. Travellers from all around the world visit the island every summer for the famous clubs and sensational bars of Chora. With countless establishments to select from, having a breathtaking experience is a given. As Mykonos is an LGBTQ+ welcoming destination, numerous venues and bars are exclusive to the community, with themed and drag parties.

Picturesque style with a luxurious twist

The cubic whitewashed Cycladic buildings are a core characteristic of Mykonos and have inspired millions of visitors throughout the years. With the exponential tourist growth since the 1960’s, Mykonos has elevated and revamped its appearance along with its facilities. The intriguing fusion of cozy traditions with luxurious facilities and services have been attracting young people, celebrities and jet setters ever since. Discover the best hotels!

Excellent traditional and fusion cuisine

The Greek cuisine stands among the most acclaimed ones internationally, either on its own or as part of the Mediterranean family. Well-balanced, delicious and healthy, its recipes accommodate most palates. In Mykonos, the culinary experience has expanded, creating a multi-faceted aspect. Numerous restaurants offer fusion menus or modernized Greek meals. Along with the island’s locally made delicacies, Mykonos offers outstanding dining experiences to its visitors; from authentically Greek executions to Anatolian and Asian fusion dishes, the exploration remains fascinating.

Little Venice and the romantic sunset

The charming quarter of Little Venice in Chora is justifiably one of the most inspirational areas on the island. The wave-kissed Cycladic buildings perched above the sea, with their colorful details and wooden balconies create an artistic and authentic aura. Thanks to the cozy bars tucked in the whitewashed buildings and paved, narrow alleys with sea views, visitors can relax and savor the unique experience. The Mykonian sunset is most romantic when gazed upon from Little Venice and the nearby Alevkandra bay, with its pastel crimson colors painting the horizon above the Aegean. It is a sought-after sight, adored by couples and honeymooners the most.

The exquisite Mykonian shopping experience

Every traveller aspires to go on a shopping spree at the fantastic designer boutiques of Mykonos Town to acquire the latest fancy summer attire and jewelry. Haute couture houses enhance the shopping district of Chora, along with luxurious accessories brands and excellent Mykonian handcrafted items. Stroll among the unique shops, browse through the finest of fabrics, collect the pieces that best suit your style and preserve your Mykonian experience.

Exploring the picturesque Mykonos Town & Ano Mera

While partying is a core aspect of the Mykonian identity, the wonderful Mykonos Town (Chora) offers a well-rounded set of cultural, folklore, ancient and historical aspects one should explore while at it. With a multitude of museums and emblematic landmarks, such as the Archaeological Museum and the traditional Windmills, the town and its outskirts offer deeper insight into the Mykonian heritage. Additionally, the authentic settlement of Ano Mera offers tranquility along its Cycladic houses and intriguing orthodox monasteries to walk through. You can discover it at your own pace and even book a tour of Mykonos’ essential sights. Discover all see & do experiences in Mykonos!

Sunbathing and dancing on its shimmering beaches

Hardly anything surpasses the seashores during summertime. Lengthy, golden, sandy, aesthetic would be an accurate description of the top Mykonian bays like Super Paradise, Paradise, Elia, Kalo Livadi among others. The pristine azure waters of the Aegean offer a soothing getaway from the blazing sun, while the posh beach bars provide rejuvenating cocktails. Beach parties are a daily event on these glimmering bays, while concerts are also an annual tradition. Book your sunbeds, pack your favorite summer wear and dance to the rhythm of Mykonian summertime!

Top-tier boutique hotels to stay at

Booking your stay at a lavish boutique hotel boosts the whole experience of Mykonos. With the tourist growth of the past decades, numerous 5-star boutique lodgings have been elevating the luxury living of the island, both near its exquisite beaches as well as the vibing town of Chora. Each with its unrepeated philosophy, design and posh amenities, the luxurious accommodation has inevitably become synonymous to Mykonos.

The sacred Delos island & untouched Rhenia islet

In the proximity of Mykonos, the historical island of Delos and the serene islet of Rhenia allow for a change of scenery while vacationing. Delos is abundant with ancient Greek monuments, ruins and priceless findings, both open-air and safely maintained in the Archaeological Museum of Delos. Numerous day trips, cruises and guided tours from Mykonos arrive daily on the fascinating island, enabling visitors to better grasp the importance of it during the ancient times. Usually bundled together as an unmissable experience, tranquil Rhenia offers untouched, shimmering bays and turquoise waters to swim into and replenish your energy.

Magnificent island hopping experiences from Mykonos

Situated in the center of the Cycladic complex, Mykonos is blessed with an unparalleled position in the Aegean Sea which allows travellers to discover multiple destinations during their Greek vacation. With the most popular island-hopping destinations being Santorini, Paros, Naxos and Ios, every tourist can select the most suitable bundle and enhance their Mykonian stay with more, colorful and unique Greek islands.

Perfect weather conditions during the tourist season

Due to the position of Mykonos in the center of the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades complex, it enjoys excellent, sunny weather throughout the summer with seasonal winds to cool it from the hot sun rays. Even during shoulder season, the weather is mild and welcoming, while the occasional rainfalls are mostly a winter attribute. No matter which month you decide to visit, Mykonos stands as a magnificent vacation destination.

Easy to travel at and move around

Mykonos flaunts a well-rounded International Airport with many European and domestic flights arriving daily throughout the main tourist season. It is also equipped with a busy port where multiple ferry routes are served daily during the tourist season, both from the Greek capital of Athens, as well as various Aegean islands. Moreover, as Mykonos is a relatively flat island with moderate distances, visitors can navigate easily all around it. The bus transportation available covers efficiently the major beaches and settlements, with frequent routes. A rental vehicle is also very convenient, as it allows for exploration of the less crowded bays and sides of Mykonos.

Multiple tours, day trips and activities for the Mykonian itinerary

And if all the aforementioned aspects have left a vacant evening or two in your Mykonian itineraries, the fantastic tours available will elevate your vacation. From sailing trips around the island and the nearby islets to a plethora of adrenaline-fueling watersports and enticing culinary workshops, everyone can get actively involved in more exciting entertainment options of Mykonos. Discover the best tours and activities!