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Location: Rineia

Rineia is a small island on the southwest of Mykonos, right next to the historic island of Delos. Even though it is not as well known, it has an equally long and important history. Today it is uninhabited and considered an archaeological site.

According to the research that has been conducted, Rineia was first inhabited during the 5th Millenium BC. Its population used to engage in farming and mining, as quarries have been discovered on the island. It is believed that many of the construction materials for buildings sites on Delos come from there. When the tyrant Polycrates conquered the area, he dedicated it to the god Apollo, along with the neighboring island.

However, what makes it such an important location, is the purification of Delos. During the Peloponnesian War, the Athenians moved all the graves from Delos and forbade anyone from dying or giving birth on the island, as it was turned into religious grounds. That was when the necropolis of Delos was created in the southern part of Rhenia, where all the bodies were sent. In addition, a sanatorium for the seriously ill was also operating.

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Top Tours and activities

  • Sailing Cruise to famous Beaches, Rhenia & Delos (All Inclusive)

    Category: Day Trips, Boat Tours

    Embark on this six-hour sailing cruise to discover the beautiful beaches of southern Mykonos and Rhenia island, swim and snorkel in the turquoise waters, and enjoy a traditional Greek lunch on board! Admire the archaeological site of Delos island on the way, and have a relaxing and exciting ...

    6 hours Map
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  • Yacht Cruise and Delos Guided Tour with Transfers

    Category: Day Trips, Boat Tours

    Rhenia island is a must if you would like to spend some time relaxing away from the crowded parts of Mykonos. This 6-hour yacht cruise will allow you to enjoy the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea and visit the totally unspoiled and secluded beaches of Rhenia.

    7 hours Map
    from € 140.00
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  • Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise w/ Meat and Veggie BBQ

    Category: Day Trips, Boat Tours

    Embark on this sailing trip from Mykonos to discover the famous archaeological site of Delos island and swim in the turquoise waters of Rhenia island. Complete this relaxing excursion with a delicious meat and vegetable BBQ.

    6 hours Map
    from € 106.25
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More info about Rineia

Several excavations have taken place on the island, uncovering a variety of ruins and artifacts. Many temples, houses and a road have been discovered, while the most well-known finds include a Roman headstone and a large lion statue.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, Rineia was used as a quarantine area when plague and cholera outbreaks were occurring. Ships from the Mediterranean with Greece as their destination would stop there for five to forty days to ensure they would not carry the diseases to the locals. The well-known poet Constantine P. Cavafy reports he had to spend a few days there on his first trip to Greece.

Currently, visitors can only reach the island by private boat or by participating in organized cruises that operate regularly. There are five chapels and a few farmhouses that can be seen today. There are no permanent residents, but Rhenia is divided into sections and used for farming, organized by the municipality of Mykonos.

Furthermore, there are many delightful beaches with sparkling golden sand and turquoise crystal-clear waters. Many tours stop by to let travelers enjoy the magnificent landscape and have a swim.



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