Mykonos Castle

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The Castle of Chora: As most Greek Islands, Mykonos used to face serious problems because of the pirates’ attacks in the past. The Venetian Castle of Chora was built on a hill providing a panoramic view of the sea to offer protection to the locals. Until the 17th century, the residents of Chora were living inside the Castle’s area, which was shielded thanks to the reinforced stone walls along with the 3-4 defensive turrets that were constructed for maximum security. Today, the Castle of Chora is a beautiful spot in Mykonos with picturesque whitewashed alleys, narrow streets, and interesting worth-visiting sights.

The famous Mykonian Church of Panagia Paraportiani is located next to the Castle’s gate and that is why the residents chose this specific name for it. In particular, the meaning of the word “Paraportiani” in the Greek Language is “Next to the door”, stating the fact that the Church is right next to the door, or in other words, to the gate of the Castle. Close to the Church of Panagia Paraportiani, the Folklore Museum of Mykonos is housed too and it has a large collection of paintings, ceramics, lithographs, old tools and much more. Nearby, there are also a lot of restaurants and bars that attract many people, especially during the summer season.

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