Mykonos Artificial Lake of Ano Mera Dam

Location: Ano Mera

The Artificial Lake of Ano Mera Dam: On the northeast side of Mykonos and 10 km away from Chora lies the artificial lake of the Ano Mera Dam. The dam was built several years ago outside the Village of Ano Mera in order to solve the serious problem of water supply and irrigation on the island, especially during the summer season. In particular, the construction of the Ano Mera Dam would result in collecting water from the torrent Maou Lagada so that the locals could use it.

The artificial lake of Ano Mera is not only useful for gathering water but a sanctuary for different migratory birds in the autumn months too. From September until November, various beautiful birds can be observed in the lake area. Some of them are barn swallows, herons, and Eleonora's falcons, a type of hawk that is found quite often in Mykonos. Due to the variety of the migratory species in the area, the Municipality of Mykonos had organized a birdwatching event in the dam. Many people of all ages participated in this event by bringing their binoculars in order to observe the lovely birds that chose the artificial lake as their temporary refuge in the fall.

Apart from birdwatching, the visitors of the artificial lake can also enjoy horse riding activities since horse riding tours are provided nearby by a professional riding instructor. What is more, an excursion to the lake can be combined with a stop for swimming at Fokos Beach, which is located very close to the artificial lake of Ano Mera Dam and which is easily and quickly accessible.

Map Of Artificial Lake of Ano Mera Dam

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