Mykonos Agia Eleni Church

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Mykonos is an island with over 60 different churches and monasteries. One is Agia Eleni Church (Saint Helena), a church of the Post-Byzantine era located in Chora that provides a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea.
The church used to be the Metropolis of Mykonos until 1878 when the Cathedral of Zoodochos Pigi took its place. However, Agia Eleni is a preserved monument and the biggest church in the area of Mykonos Castle, the oldest of Chora. Because of its location, locals also call it “Agia Eleni of the Castle”.

Agia Eleni is dedicated to two of the most beloved Saints of the Orthodox Church, Saint Constantine and Saint Helena, who are celebrated on May 21. Inside the building, one can admire icons of the Apostles, St. John the Baptist, and Archangel Michael, while the marble used for the columns and the capitals derives from the island of Delos. Moreover, there is a remarkable iconostasis with the icon of St. Constantine and St. Helena and a Cross between them.

The church of Agia Eleni is a basilica that includes a chapel and a bell tower. The basilica’s building is white on the outside, while its roof is made out of brown tiles. The residents of Chora visit the church to light a candle or pray, and there is also a church service twice a year. The first is at the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel on November 8th, and the second is at the Feast of St. Nicholas on December 6th.



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