Kopajos in Mykonos, Town (Chora)

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Location: Town

Kopajos is a successful eyewear brand, based in Mykonos (Kalogera Street, Mykonos Town). It is a family-owned business and the current form of the company was shaped in 2013. The main store is found in the picturesque streets of Mykonos and has an authentic Mykonian atmosphere, which is greatly valued by the company. When it comes to sunglasses, Kopajos combines quality and style, offering hundreds of options, including both innovative designs and all-time classics.

The company's main goal is to provide fashionable eyewear, no matter whether you are looking for a fashion statement or a timeless favorite. The sunglasses are made to last, with lenses that are made of high-quality materials. Kopajos also offers a warranty and free lens replacement to make sure you can keep enjoying your favorite eyewear for as long as possible.




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