Study for new museum in Delos island

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The Central Archaeological Board of Greece recently approved the general framework for the creation of a new Archaelogical Museum on the island of Delos, this important open archaeological site located in the centre of Cyclades.

The present museum is an old building that was originally constructed in 1904 and was extended in 1931 and 1974. Therefore its structure does not cover any more the needs of modern visitors, while the continuous excavations have revealed more findings that are presently kept in the storehouses, as there is not any room in the museum to be displayed. Considering that only half of Delos island has been excavated so far, it is easily understood that more room for finding displays will be needed in the future.

According to the approved framework for the architectural study, the largest part of the new Archaeological Museum must be underground, following the principles of bioclimatic architecture. Also it must be as far from the sea as possible so that the ancient works are better protected from salty water and strong Aegean winds. Its size was set to at least 5,000 sq.m. so that all modern needs of a museum with storehouses and conservation laboratories are covered.

The study for the new Archaeological Museum of Delos will be funded by the International Foundation for Greece, based in London. Since last year, the Foundation had expressed the will to donate a study to the Greek State and Delos was selected as the best choice.