Restoration works to start in Delos

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The holy island of Delos, the birth place of god Apollon and goddess Artemis and one of the most important mythological and archaeological sites in the world, is on the top of the list for maintenance and restoration works. The first monument to be restored will be the ancient theatre of Delos, of which only the orchestra can be seen today. The theatre could seat 6,500 people in the past, but today many seats are ruined, falling apart or covered by vegetation, which is dangerous for both the audience and the monument. Many other monuments in Delos need urgent restoration, including ancient temples, the large cistern, wall frescoes and houses, as they are gradually ruined by the strong wind, extreme heat and humidity. Not to mention, the island of Delos, which was destroyed in 69 B.C., was the largest religious centre of the antiquity and it is visited today by 125,000 people every year.