Balosia Mykonos 2020

Jan 06, 2020 — Jan 06, 2020 • Category: Events

If you think that Christmas festivities in Mykonos are over after the New Year’s Eve, surely enough, you haven't heard of Balosia!

Balosia is a popular custom, which originates from the Venetian times and is one of the most known feasts in Mykonos.

The celebration begins on the evening of January 6th! That night, Mykonos Town center becomes traction pole, as traditional music and food create a joyful atmosphere.

If you want to live the whole experience, make sure you will also attend the so-called "Blessing of the Waters", a ceremony taking place all over Greece on the 6th of January, the Day of the Lights. This ceremony has two parts: a church procession and a water blessing that takes place outdoors.