Mykonos Textile

The Textile of Mykonos in Greece: The textile of Mykonos is a traditional product that mainly flourished until some decades ago but still continues to distinguish the culture of the island. Even in the ancient times, weaving was much developed in Mykonos and the nearby island of Delos, as archeological findings have shown.

Travelers to Mykonos in the 17th and the 18th century speak about its textile production, which was the main occupation of the Mykonian women till the middle 20th century. In fact, they were very artistic textiles and had won awards in many international contests. They were also sold abroad and used to decorate the royal palace in Athens.

The textile of Mykonos was still flourishing until 1970 when the first tourists were coming to the island. The women were the first to think of selling their textiles to the tourists, so they were selling them in stands in Chora or they were opening their workshops to show tourists their work.

With the development of industrial weaving, the traditional-made textile, which once supported many families on the island, started to lose its popularity. Today you can see many textiles in the gift shops of Mykonos with beautiful designs on them and mainly in the form of scarves and rugs. Such textiles can also be appreciated in the Folklore Museum in Chora, where there are more than 500 textile designs from the 1970s.